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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


INTERTANKO Chairman Lars Carlsson, Managing Director Peter Swift and Technical Director Dragos Rauta met INTERTANKO's members and associate members in Turkey on 28 November.

The meeting included a constructive exchange of views on INTERTANKO's current work programme and an opportunity to discuss and seek advice on different aspects to be discussed at the Round Table Meeting on Safe Transit through the Turkish Straits the following day.

These discussions highlighted that:

  • people in Turkey and particularly in Istanbul are generally, and perhaps understandably, against any increase in tanker traffic through the Straits
  • furthermore, there is special concern about the security of LPG, LNG and tankers with ammonia; 
  • any further efforts by industry should be co-ordinated together with local bodies, in particular the Chamber of Shipping and TURMEPA
  • however, there is full support for the INTERTANKO initiative on safer transit with international participation
  • INTERTANKO is expected to agree with the necessity of a tighter control on the quality of ships transiting the Straits
  • importantly, the current traffic rules should be respected while further improvements may well be sought.

In conclusion, there was full local support for our initiative, while it should be made clear that the volume of tanker traffic is not on the INTERTANKO agenda. The INTERTANKO role and its activity should be to ensure that as long as tanker traffic exists, accidents should be avoided by safe and effective transit procedures. Security aspects also need to be addressed.

For further details and comments:
Contact: Dragos Rauta