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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Argentine/Necochea - new port tariffs

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 42 of 19 October, the new tariffs that came into force from 1 December 2001 created a port cost hike. The new tariffs were:

1/ Port Permanence Dues: USD 0.252 x NT x day of 24 hours (not pro rated);
2/ Dredging and Toll Dues: USD 0.14 x draught factor x NT factor x cargo loaded/discharged/transhipped, - plus;
3/ Lighthouse, Buoy, Beacon Dues: USD 0.073 per NT.

Up to 30'- 1.00Up to 5,000- 1.0
30'01" - 33'- 1.035,001 - 10,000- 1.1
33'01" - 36'- 1.0710,001 - 17,000- 1.2
over 36'01"- 1.10over 17,001- 1.3
Source: Agencia Marítima Silversea S.A., Buenos Aires

Iran - amendments to waste disposal tariff

The Persian Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Road and Transport, Ports & Shipping Organisation have announced the following amendments to the tariff for waste disposal (free translation):

A. The tariff for waste collection from tankers, cargo vessels and other marine vessels for the duration of a week as follows:

1/ Wooden vessels (dhow): Tariff for waste collection: USD 5;
2/ Vessels up to GT 800: Tariff for waste collection: USD 20;
3/ Vessels from GT 801 to 5000: Tariff for waste collection: USD 125;
4/ Vessels over GT 5000: Tariff for waste collection: USD 700.

B. For every extra day alongside jetty 1/7th of the tariff will be charged.

C. Ports which do not have the facility to collect wastewater will charge USD 65 for item No. 3.

D. The charge for vessels over GT 5000 for wastewater collection will be USD 300.

E. In the event the vessel receives these services at anchorage and/or alongside, these charges will be doubled.

F. Tankers receiving water for tank cleaning in southern ports will be charged US$ 2000 for this service.

Source: GAC Hot Port News