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Monday, October 15, 2018


The Communications and PR Committee (CPR) held its second meeting of the year in connection with the Rotterdam Tanker Event. The CPR reviewed the subject of transparency and considered this to be an issue of major PR importance, not a single subject but one that needed to be analysed in detail on an item-to-item basis. The specific information that was being considered for transparency needed to be examined to ensure that the added value of transparency was realised.

The Council endorsed the CPR Committee’s recommendation to divide the issue into three principal components and establish a working group to analyse the needs, benefits and best practices and actions for developing transparency. The three components that the CPR suggested were:

(1)    Inter-industry transfer of information
(2)    External information transfer to regulatory bodies
(3)    Information to be provided to the media and general public

Other issues discussed at the CPR Committee included measures aimed at enhancing members’ media awareness, the marketing plan for ‘A Century of Tankers’, the tanker industry educational initiative and the INTERTANKO web site.

The CPR Committee expressed appreciation and thanks to Paul Slater, First International, for his dedicated and active four years as Chairman of the CPR Committee and welcomed Stefano Rosina, Premuda, as the new Chairman of the Committee.

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