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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


INTERTANKO was represented at this week’s Conference on Quality Shipping in Copenhagen by Peter Swift and Erik Ranheim. Joanne King from ADS Insight also attended together with representatives from the IMO, ILO, the European Commission, flag administrations, national shipowners’ associations, classification societies, shipowners, IACS, ICS, BIMCO, ITF, ICONS and others.

The Conference was organised by the Danish Maritime Authority to coincide with Denmark’s accession to the Presidency of the European Union. The principal theme for the meeting was “There is more to Quality Shipping than Clean Certificates” although much of the discussion was around the wider subject of substandard shipping in general – the causes and the solutions. Parallel sessions focused on “The Role of the Flag State”, “Decent Working and Living Conditions for Seafarers” and “The Human Element”. Other topics discussed included the need for better and timely accident investigations, the problems of excessive commercial inspections, the benefits of incentive schemes, the role of the charter/shipper/cargo-owner and the need for shipowners to achieve an adequate return. At the end of the two-day meeting the delegates agreed a summary resolution, which Denmark will bring to both the IMO and ILO. Copies of several of the presentations and the final resolution will appear on the Conference website next week.

The next edition of the Weekly NEWS will also provide further links to the texts of the principal speeches as well as the Conference resolution.


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