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Monday, October 15, 2018


To safeguard their company’s reputation and relationships with charterers and regulators, shipowners must be able to demonstrate an immediate, effective and professional media response capability world-wide. Television and Telephone Training courses will be held on 7 and 8 November in Hong Kong, China.

Tanker casualties draw the attention of the global news media. Pollution and damage to wildlife and the environment feature prominently in the news. Film footage of a tanker in trouble makes for dramatic television. Pictures of oily seabirds create an atmosphere that may be difficult to manage and that will be very hostile to the shipowner. Charterers are now requiring owners to be able to respond to the media. In the United States tanker owners are required by law to provide public information following an incident.

* To safeguard your company’s reputation and relationships with charterers and regulators shipowners must be able to demonstrate a media response capability world-wide.
* That response must be immediate, effective and professional.
* It is vital that the company is able to exert a high level of control over the news agenda.

The pressure of 'live' interviews in an incident context can be unnerving and intimidating. It is crucial that individuals expected to undertake media responsibilities be familiar with the workings of the media and with the studio interview process.

Further, it is important to ensure that there is a depth of training within any organisation in order to provide support and continuity in an ongoing crisis.

INTERTANKO will arrange two Media Awareness Courses in Hong Kong, China in the same week as the ITOPF/OCIMF/INTERTANKO seminar and autumn meetings of the INTERTANKO’s Executive Committee and Council. All are welcome to attend.

Media Awareness + Television Training Course for those who could be asked to speak on behalf of their Companies.

This course will be led by a senior broadcast journalist.

Course Date: Thursday 7 November

Delegate Fee: USD 1500

To ensure real results, with a mixture of theory and practical exercises, numbers are restricted to 4-6 participants.

The course agenda can be downloaded from here.


Media Awareness + Telephone Training for operational staff, or as an entry course for the senior television training

Half day

Course Date: Friday 8 November

Delegate Fee: USD 575

The course agenda can be downloaded from here.


To register please

Contact: Clarice Tan on e-mail:, or call me directly at +47 22 12 26 64