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Monday, October 15, 2018

Corrosion Onboard Crude Oil Tankers – Cargo Tank Corrosion Awareness Guide

The INTERTANKO Cargo Tank Corrosion Awareness Guide has been prepared following INTERTANKO’s investigation of accelerated pitting corrosion rates found in the cargo tank bottom plating onboard a number of recently built double hull crude oil tankers.

Certain ships of this type have also experienced higher than average corrosion rates at the cargo tank heads in the ullage space. The report considers factors such as the "thermos bottle effect" of double hulls, the use of high tensile steel (HTS) manufactured by the thermal mechanically controlled process (TMCP steel) and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). None of the tanks where this pitting was found were coated.

After highlighting the nature of the problem and factors which may be relevant, the Guide recommends measures which the industry should consider in order to minimise the impact of such corrosion. The wide variety of information currently available on tank head and bottom corrosion is also noted. INTERTANKO regards the Guide as an interim study; it may be necessary to issue an updated report once the results of ongoing industry research are known.

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