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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Media Awareness Course in Athens 27 November – Are you prepared?

A half-day INTERTANKO Media Awareness Course will be held in Athens on 27 November. The Television and Telephone Training for operational staff and management is designed as an introduction to the realities of media response for tanker owners following an incident. This is a constantly evolving course that incorporates analysis of the latest shipping incidents, media interest and media response.

Course description:

Media awareness seminar ­(1.5 hours).

This is an introduction to the workings of the international news media, including studies of past tanker incidents as well as general shipping incidents - how these incidents have been covered by the media. Included will be an analysis of the media coverage of the most recent tanker casualty - MT Prestige. This part of the course is suitable for either a small or large group of people or for all company staff. The seminar will be followed by a questions and answers session discussing issues specific to the individual/company requirements

Specific training in Telephone and TV response for management/executives (2.5 hours)

- This session is designed for 4-6 participants and will follow a scenario involving a crisis affecting a company’s vessel. Participants will receive an introduction to the reality of responding to media pressure following an incident. Participants will be shown how to respond to media and other enquiries over the telephone and be given coaching and experience in dealing with TV journalists who may be waiting outside a company's offices. This is not intended to provide the level of training that a senior spokesperson’s course will deliver but is a valuable introduction to the reality of incident response. Participants will also be introduced to the concept of having a strategy to deal with the media.

Certificates will be issued to all participants.

Individual delegate fee for half day course : US$ 575 (min. 4 participants on each course).

We will revert with the venue shortly.

Contact:  Clarice Tan,