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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Singapore’s new Advance Departure Immigration Clearance announced

INTERTANKO and the Singapore Shipping Association have taken part in discussions with Singapore Immigration and Registration (SIR) concerning the immigration procedures applicable to vessels.

Representatives from the Associations were invited to meet SIR this week where a new immigration departure procedure was announced. It is now possible for vessels, with some limited exceptions, to apply for Advance Immigration Clearance (AIC) upon departure. This new procedure applies whether AIC was granted on the vessel’s inbound passage or clearance was only granted following physical clearance of the vessel’s crew on board at the immigration anchorage.

The procedure to apply for AIC upon departure is as follows:

  1. The agent is required to submit the application to the Seamen’s Section by fax no 62936758/62936753 together with arrival and departure crew lists at least 6 hours before the departure of the vessel.
  2. The Seamen’s Section processes the application.
  3. If the application is approved, the Seamen’s Section will fax the approval (endorsed on the departure crew list) to the agent.
  4. At least 4 hours prior to the departure of vessel, the agent is required to report to the Seamen’s Section with the original copy of the arrival and departure crew lists.  The master must declare in the crew list that there are no stowaways, survivors, refugees, unauthorized persons on board and that all the crew members listed therein are on board on departure.
  5. If everything is in order, the Seamen’s Section will endorse an ‘Exit Stamp’ on the original copy of the departure crew lists.
  6. The vessel will depart Singapore as scheduled.
  7. If the application is rejected, the Seamen’s Section will fax the rejection (rejection endorsement on the departure crew list) to the agent.
  8. The agent will be required to submit the usual Departure Advice to Seamen’s Section to the Seamen’s Section.  An SIR officer will conduct a face-to-face check on board physically at the gazetted immigration anchorage / wharf as advised.

This new procedure is applicable from 5 December 2002. It is a welcome development and we encourage members to make use of it in order to reduce possible immigration clearance delays whilst calling at Singapore.

For further information please contact our Singapore office.

Contact: John