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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

No. 50/2002




INTERTANKO calls on nations to uphold international law

As one of several responses by INTERTANKO to recent challenges to the international legislative structures governing shipping INTERTANKO has released a statement condemning unilateral action.... More


INTERTANKO expresses concern over deteriorating situation in Venezuela

INTERTANKO has expressed concern that recent actions by government and military forces threaten the safety of navigation and terminal operations and will lead to further disruption to refinery and shipping activities. Owners’ charterparty obligations need to be considered.... More


EU Transport Council reaches agreement on TBT regulation

On Friday 6 December, the Council of EU Transport Ministers reached a political agreement on the proposal for a Regulation on the banning of the use of environmentally harmful organotin compounds in anti-fouling paints on ships. ... More


MSC 76 – Permanent means of access

INTERTANKO agrees and supports in principle the draft amendments to SOLAS regulation II-1/12-2 and the draft associated Technical Provisions for means of access for inspections. ... More


Protection of Bunker Tanks - INTERTANKO/SNAME Submission to IMO

INTERTANKO, on behalf of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers’ (SNAME), has submitted to IMO’s Design and Equipment (DE) Sub-Committee an information paper which summarizes the initial work of the SNAME’s Ad-Hoc Panel on the Evaluation of Accidental Oil Spills from Bunker Tanks. ... More


UK Coastguard Releases Oil Pollution Figures

Following the discovery of oil washed up on beaches on the east coast of England, the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency released figures last week on quantities and sources of oil discharged into the sea around the UK. The greatest source of oil discharged was from oil and gas installations with 71% of the 678 accidental or deliberate discharges reported. ... More


Means of access for inspection – finally agreed by IMO

We reported last week that IMO/MSC 76 will take a decision on a new SOLAS requirement to ensure that ships built in the near future have in-built means of easy access for close-up inspections. ... More


Lifeboat Safety

The Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD) hosted a meeting on 15 November based on the project “Human injuries during rescue drills”. The NMD has issued a hearing on one of their proposals for changes to SOLAS.... More


Shipbuilding overcapacity - OECD

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has issued a Press Release stating that the world's principal shipbuilding nations have launched negotiations on ways to counter over-capacity and plunging prices in the ailing world shipbuilding industry. ... More


Basel II – capital requirements for banks

Under the auspices of the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) the special “Basel Committee” has been working since the late nineties on a review of the capital requirements for banks. The aim is to bring the measurement of credit risk in the capital regulations more closely into line with the actual risks. The basis will be a continued 8% capital ratio, but with operational risks being added to credit risk and market risk. ... More


3.5% decrease in US domestic oil production is expected for 2003 - EIA

According to the US EIA’s short term outlook for December, average domestic oil production is expected to show a very slight decline of 0.1% in 2002, to a level of 5.80 mbd. For 2003, a 3.5% decrease is expected, resulting in a production rate of 5.60 mbd for the year.... More


HFO trades

According to BP’s review, the world (except the Former Soviet Union) consumed 9.2 mbd of fuel oils in 2001, down from a peak of 9.9 mbd in 1997. Europe consumed 2.0 mbd, North America 1.5 mbd, Middle East 1.2 mbd, and the biggest consumer, according to BP, was the Asia-Pacific area with 3.4 mbd. The balance was consumed in Africa, Japan, China and Latin America. ... More


2003 world oil demand growth unchanged - IEA

Despite a surge of 1.5 mbd of OPEC production over the last three months crude oil prices have stayed high and increased during the first week of December 2002.... More



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