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Monday, September 24, 2018

A New Year Message from your Chairman

Your organisation INTERTANKO has been very busy explaining the consequences of the new legislative proposals and the overly hasty reactions from the political and public offices concerned, and I am happy to say that some of the more destructive suggestions have been well identified and prevented.

It has been pointed out by INTERTANKO that it is in the interest of long-term tanker quality and safety to identify "quality" and "first class operation of tankers" rather than introducing age restrictions without any reference to quality. Many of our members are building and maintaining ships with long-term service life as a principal ambition. If excellent ships were forced to be scrapped prematurely we would be unlikely to see long-term investments in quality ships.

Currently the international communities are reacting with anger and trying to identify risky ships. However, logically they will next demand safe oil transportation solutions and we, as tanker owners, are determined to supply these. "Nobody knows more about tankers than we do".

We all know that in ship accidents, the ship structure and design may be responsible for 10-20% of the accidents while the balance is attributable to human mistakes and shortcomings . It is important to get away from the fanatical focus on the ships and start having the total tanker transportation system appreciated and valued.

During the last 10 years all types of tanker accidents have decreased dramatically. Considering how much we tanker owners have invested in new ships and crew training it is very likely that accidents will continue to be reduced.

Continued success for the INTERTANKO staff efforts will require strong support from the INTERTANKO members, Council members and members of the Executive Committee. Teamwork!

In this case teamwork will mean:

More we And less me.

Temporary gains for some fleets or companies should not lead us to support schemes that are negative for the tanker industry as a whole. It is necessary for all in INTERTANKO and the tanker industry to support the efforts of INTERTANKO. We in INTERTANKO have an excellent relationship and co-operation with the other shipping organisations. That – and the full support of the tanker industry – will make it possible to speak for our industry, influence legislators and customers and meet our objectives.

This message is written from France where the general public is very committed to protection of the coasts. A notice in a local fish restaurant reads:

‘This company is dedicated to the protection of our seas, our maritime communities and all forms of marine life.’

I could not agree more and I feel that it is what INTERTANKO stands for.

I wish all my friends in INTERTANKO all the best for 2003, bon voyage and I look forward to seeing you before long.

January 2, 2003

Lars Carlsson