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Thursday, October 18, 2018

MD speaks in Arendal on ‘Tankers in Troubled Waters?’

INTERTANKO’s MD Peter Swift spoke in Arendal, Norway, this week at a meeting of the Aust-Agder Rederiforening, under the chairmanship of INTERTANKO Council member Øivind Larsen, Uglands Rederi AS.

In his presentation ‘Tankers in Troubled Waters?’ Dr Swift talked about many of the principal issues facing tanker owners and operators today. These included the need for comprehensive and impartial investigation of the events surrounding the Prestige accident and for a rational analysis and impact assessment before any new regulations are formally tabled for adoption. He stressed the critical importance of strict adherence to international maritime law and review processes, and spoke of INTERTANKO’s basic opposition to, and rejection of, both unilateral and regional measures as a matter of principle.

In addition, he expressed his strong hope that recent promises on developing places of refuge, particularly within the EU but also elsewhere in the world, would be translated rapidly into positive actions. Freight, he said, represents only a very small percentage of the landed cost of oil, and he reminded his audience that oil companies, governments and nations were the primary beneficiaries of the maritime transportation of oil. This last point, he suggested, was not entirely lost on politicians and he welcomed the attention now being given to charterers and cargo owners in the transportation value chain, as well as their respective responsibilities in the maritime movement of oil.

Dr Swift’s presentation can be downloaded from INTERTANKO’s web site.

Contact: Peter Swift