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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Advanced Media Training Course to be held in Washington DC Monday 7 April

INTERTANKO arranges an Advanced Media Training Course in connection with the Annual General Meeting in Washington DC in April. Are you prepared to communicate in an effective manner? Register today!

Public information provision following a pollution incident is a legal requirement under OPA 90. However, increasingly, it is not just following pollution incidents that companies need to provide public information or a media response. In many other circumstances, including those where criminal investigations are either underway or have been threatened, then effective communication with stakeholders can be very important - perhaps vital. How prepared is your company to protect its corporate reputation - do you have trained spokespersons and the ability to persuade the media, the public, governmental authorities and, most importantly, charterers that the company is accountable, responsible and transparent?

The advanced media training course in Washington will take into account Security developments and other issues that are emerging as important themes and that those involved in the operations of tankers need to take account of.

Course programme:Click here for more information.  

Date: Monday 7 April
Venue: The Mayflower Hotel
Course tutor: MTI
Price per delegate: USD 1500

To register or for enquiries please:

Contact: Clarice Tan, Tel: +47 22 12 26 64 or