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Saturday, October 20, 2018

No. 12/2003




Join us at the Washington Tanker Event 6-9 April 2003

Plans for this year’s annual gathering are progressing swiftly, promising an interesting and comprehensive programme for delegates and visitors. If have not already done so, we encourage you to register early and secure hotel space in one of the busiest capitals of the world.... More


INTERTANKO speaks at the Shipping 2003 CMA Conference

The Conference, which took place in Stamford Connecticut this week, featured several INTERTANKO speakers and placed emphasis on current tanker issues.... More


Mr. Stelios Haji-Ioannou elected CMA Commodore

INTERTANKO congratulates Mr. Haji-Iouannou on having been elected Commodore of the Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) at the CMA Gala dinner on 19 March 2003.... More


North American Panel meeting in Stamford, CT

The INTERTANKO North American Panel held its 14th meeting under the chairmanship of Stephen Van Dyck on 17 March 2003 in Stamford, CT. The meeting was attended by some 35 members, associated members and guests, and addressed a large number of interesting issues, including some of high priority.... More


Raised threat level in the US - operation Liberty Shield

On 17 March 2003 the Department of Homeland Security raised the threat level from “Yellow” (elevated) to “Orange” (high). At the same time Operation Liberty Shield was announced, a comprehensive national plan designed to increase protection for America’s citizens while maintaining the free flow of goods and people.... More


Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority announces enhanced security measures

With immediate effect new measures to enhance security within the port of Singapore have been introduced, including the exclusion of unauthorised vessels entering LNG/LPG/Chemical and VLCC anchorages.... More


Be alert to mine deployment by Iraqi naval units

Be alert to mines being deployed by Iraqi naval units or their surrogates and if any are detected, please contact either your nearest US Embassy/Consulate or MARLO. ... More


Shuttle Tanker Committee Meeting

The Committee reaffirmed its decision to include in its activities matters related to FPSO and FSU units and on this occasion discussed IMO proposed guidelines for the application of MARPOL regulations to FPSO and FSU units.... More


Additional information required on members’ tankers

INTERTANKO would appreciate further information on members’ fleets in order to publish a detailed membership fleet list on the web.... More


BUNKER ALERT: High density fuels in New York, Los Angeles and Lisbon

High density fuels in New York Over the past two weeks, DNV Petroleum Services has analysed several residual fuel oil samples from the port of New York , which exceeded the ISO 8217:1996 density specification of maximum 991.0 kg/m3. The highest density value of the subject samples was 1005.1 kg/m3 and the average density value was 999.9 kg/m3. Not surprisingly, these fuels also had CCAI values...... More


Shipbuilding study questions the short-term capacity in light of the proposed EU single-hull phase-out regulation

In light of the proposed EU regulation for the phase-out of single-hulled oil tankers INTERTANKO commissioned a study on the availability of shipbuilding capacity. The report, made by MSR-Consult ApS, evaluates the changes in demand for shipbuilding capacity resulting from the EU proposal and discusses the short and medium term development up to 2008. For the purpose of the exercise the study applies the EU proposal to world-wide tanker shipping.... More



Lloyd’s List, 19 March 2003- Tanker rates are facing collapse after Iraq war TradeWinds, 19 March 2003 - Public image preoccupies CMA Singapore Shipping Times, 17 March 2003 - Owners see slower demand for single-hull tankers TradeWinds, 21 March 2003 – Nick Fistes of Ceres Hellenic…   ... More