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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

INTERTANKO Annual Meetings in Washington

This week INTERTANKO held its spring annual gatherings in Washington, DC and over 210 members, associate members and guests were welcomed by INTERTANKO’s Chairman, Lars Carlsson, who said that in these times of uncertainty, he appreciated that so many had chosen to join us in Washington and participate in the discussion on world affairs and tanker-related matters.

A special word of thanks was extended to the sponsors: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), ABSA Tanker Broker panel L.L.C., Liberian Registry, Stratos and Rutter Technologies Inc. together with the exhibitors for their kind support.

A message from Richard du Moulin, Chairman of the North American Panel, was read at the AGM with his apologies forbeing unable to attend especially since the event was being hosted in his own country. Richard du Moulin is on a sailing boat in the Indian Ocean trying to break the 154-year-old record of the clippership Sea Witch from Hong Kong to New York. In his message he remembered Erric Kertsikoff, who passed away in February this year. There was a moment of silence for Erric Kertsikoff and the Annual Meeting formally sent their respects to the Kertsikoff and Hadjeltheriatis families.

Several issues arising from the Council and Annual General Meetings and presentations will be covered in this Weekly NEWS together with selected summaries from some of the open sessions. More detailed reports will be included in next week’s Weekly NEWS with the presentations available on the website.

The Council debated the composition of the Executive Committee and nomination procedure. Subsequently, the AGM approved an amendment to the Articles of Association which increased the number of Executive Committee members from a maximum of twelve to a maximum of fifteen members, and a new system which altered the tenure of the Executive Committee members to a maximum of six years’ continuous membership.

Other items on the agenda included a discussion on membership criteria, which had been discussed over several recent meetings with the Council reaffirming the membership’s commitment to quality and compliance.

The Council also adopted, as a practical measure following the loss of the Prestige, a requirement for members to have in place Emergency Response arrangements for damaged stability from 1 January 2004.

The Council reaffirmed INTERTANKO’s position on accelerated phase-out of single-hulled tankers that decisions should not have been made before the consequences of the proposals had been considered and that the industry needed a predictable and stable internationally-based business environment.

One of the most fundamental issues arising in the aftermath of the Prestige is the right of the EU and EU members States to introduce unilateral regulations that do not conform with the international regime in MARPOL and UNCLOS and the Council endorsed INTERTANKO’s continued efforts to highlight the treaty obligations of states planning to take such measures. The rapid translation of the good intentions of Members States to establish plans for the identification of places of refuge was urged by the Council. Extreme concern was also expressed over the extended detention of the Prestige’s Master against an unreasonable, and apparently unlawful, level of bail and a dangerous precedent that has been set with the payment of this level of bail.

The other principal items considered by the Council were transparency, insurance and liability matters, maritime security and amendments to the EU Directive on Sulphur (1999/32) which will be included in next week’s Weekly NEWS.

The AGM adopted INTERTANKO’s 2002 Annual Review and Report.

INTERTANKO elections and new committee members

Lars Carlsson, Concordia Maritime, INTERTANKO’s Chairman was re-elected for another year. Otto Fritzner, Stolt Nielsen Inc, K H Koo, Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Co (HK) Ltd were re-elected as Vice Chairmen for another year. Svein Erik Amundsen, Bergesen dy A/S, Stephan van Dyck, Maritrans Inc, Nick Fistes, Ceres Hellenic Shipholding Ltd, Joseph Kwok, Neptune Orient Lines Ltd, Lars Mossberg, Marinvest AB, Spyros Polemis, Seacrest Shipping Co Ltd and Peter Raes, Euronav Luxembourg SA, were re-elected as Executive Committee members for another year.

Thanos Crassaris, Springfield Shipping Co Panama SA, Dimitrios Kosmas, European Navigation Inc, Dr-Ing Stephen Polomsky, Transocean Shipmanagemnt GmbH, Richard Savage, Novoship (UK) Ltd, Angelos Spyrantis, Sun Enterprises Ltd, Ulf Tweita, Bergesen d.y. ASA, have been elected as new members of the Safety, Technical, Environmental Committee (ISTEC).

Hiroaki Okada, Mitsui O.S.K. Bulk Shipping (Europe) Ltd has been elected as a new member of the Worldscale Committee.

New INTERTANKO members

The INTERTANKO Council approved the applications for membership of nine tanker owning companies with a registered overall fleet of 113 tankers aggregating 4,105,911 tons deadweight.

  • Barclay Shipping Company Ltd
  • Jo Tankers B.V.
  • L.G.R di Navigazione
  • Magnus Carriers Corporation
  • Odfjell ASA
  • Seabulk Tankers
  • Seaarland Shipping Management GmbH
  • Titan Ocean Pte Ltd
  • Varun Shipping Company Ltd

New INTERTANKO associate members

The INTERTANKO Council approved the applications of five companies for associate membership:

  • Orey Comercio e Navegacao Lda
  • S.E.L. Maduro & Sons
  • SABIC Hydrocarbons B.V.
  • Rutter Technologies Inc
  • Rasmussengruppen AS