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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

INTERTANKO members will pay for quality ships

The delegates to the INTERTANKO Tanker Event did not hesitate to show hands when Dr. Mikelis’ asked whether they were prepared to pay extra for robust ships built to new and better Class standards.

According to DNV’s Wilhelm Magelssen, new regulations are underway and DNV, ABS and Lloyd’s Register have decided to respond to the requests from INTERTANKO by developing new joint regulations. These new regulations should add a common approach on fatigue (for 25 years) and sloshing calculations, common corrosion margins (for a 15 years’ expectancy), the introduction of a calculation of the ultimate strength, strength calculations of loads based on 25 years of trade in the North Atlantic and further additional protection through coatings with a life expectancy of at least 10 years.

Dr. Hans Payer of Germanischer Lloyds called the LAN initiative a "pilot project" which would likely become the norm for tanker new buildings across the entire IACS. In agreeing with this and other comments from the floor, Mr. Magelssen also indicated that DNV would suggest to LAN that they initiated a dialogue with owners’ associations on these initiatives.

Is all this possible? It appears that the tanker industry does not have too much choice and that Class, owners and charterers must see this through. Dr Swift was unequivocal in his summary that there was no alternative, and the time for immediate action had arrived.


Dragos Rauta