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Friday, September 21, 2018

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) meets in Washington DC

The Committee’s 11th meeting was held in Washington DC on 7 April 2003.

The Committee’s Class representative delivered a comprehensive and well prepared presentation entitled ‘Operation in Cold Climate and Different Ice-Class Rules’, which attracted substantial interest and which will be made available to INTERTANKO members in a condensed format through a Weekly NEWS article with linked information posted on the INTERTANKO web.

The Oil Company representative on the Committee did not attend the AMC meeting but spoke in the Open Market Session where he, among other topics, placed substantial focus on ExxonMobil’s Demurrage Processing Improvement scheme. This issue has previously been aired in AMC and will be subject to further work aimed at creating an industry standard. The scheme has reduced ExxonMobil’s average processing time for such claims from 69 to 34 days and has the potential, provided it gains market acceptance, to benefit both owners and charterers by simplifying and expediting demurrage processing and payment. The AMC looks forward to taking this issue forward at the first opportunity.

After internal debate in INTERTANKO, a possible further expansion of the Committee with a Flag State representative, was put on the agenda. A very brief discussion quickly revealed consensus for the idea and enabled AMC to welcome the Executive Vice-President of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR) as a regular member of AMC and thereafter ruled that AMC should for now be capped at 11 members plus Secretary.

Beside dealing with several minor issues, the AMC cleared the four applicants for associate membership and that of a previous member who, after disposal of their last tankers, wished to retain contact with INTERTANKO as an associate member.


: Gunnar A. Knudsen