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Friday, October 19, 2018

Amended “off Ushant” traffic separation scheme to enter into force on 1 May

Adopted through IMO's Marine Safety Committee in accordance with the appropriate international procedures, the new traffic separation scheme (TSS) "off Ushant" is welcomed by industry as a measure that will add significantly to further enhancing navigational safety and environmental protection in the area.

However, members are requested to ensure that their vessels and masters are fully aware of the changes to the Ushant TSS and to pay close attention to other traffic in the vicinity during the change-over period on 1 May 2003.

For a period of a few hours, the area including the scope of both the new and the former TSS, and the vicinity, will be subject to different navigation streams, some vessels transiting according to the former lanes because they have entered the TSS before 00.00 hrs 1 May, and other vessels sailing according to the new lanes because they have entered the TSS after this date.

The full text and details of the new TSS can be downloaded from the INTERTANKO web site.

Contact: Howard Snaith