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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Oil spill response: environmental impacts course, Southampton (UK) 28-29 April

An ever-growing awareness and concern for environmental issues amongst the media, public and various stakeholder groups, means that the environmental impact of an oil spill event will invariably generate controversy and public scrutiny.  However, without a clear understanding of the underlying scientific issues involved, it is difficult to make sound technical assessment of the real impacts and identify the steps that might justifiably be called for, to support natural restoration.

This course describes different environmental resource systems and their potential for oil spill impacts together with response techniques and NEBA (Net Environmental Benefit Analysis).  Case studies are used to provide insight into the issues that are faced when determining response actions in practice.  A strategy is then reviewed for developing post-spill monitoring programmes and possible restoration options, within the context of international conventions and regulations. 

The two day course takes place on 28/29 April in Southampton (UK) is organised by Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSPL).  A special discount on the course fee (£650) is available for INTERTANKO’s members and associate members. 

Contact  Sally Woulfe for further information and registration for the course.