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Friday, October 19, 2018

INTERTANKO at the 24th International Bunker Conference

Dragos Rauta, INTERTANKO’s Technical Director, spoke at the 24th International Bunker Conference in Rotterdam on 9 May 2003.

There are currently no requirements for protectively locating bunker tanks within cargo vessels. A number of recent bunker tank spills have occurred in environmentally sensitive regions and have demonstrated that even relatively small spills can have a significant environmental impact and incur substantial cleanup costs. In the wake of such spills, regulators have initiated a debate on the need for enhanced regulations related to protection of all tanks carrying fuel oil irrespective of the type of the ship.

Mr Rauta’s presentation, ‘Protection of Bunker Tanks’, gave a brief description of the current regulatory developments for the protection of bunker tanks in all ship types. It also presented briefly a recent study carried out by the US Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) aimed at establishing the relative risk of bunker spills from different ship types, developing a methodology for calculating expected oil outflow from bunker tanks in large commercial vessel accidents; and evaluating the influence of alternative tank configurations on projected oil spillage.

Mr Rauta’s presentation can be viewed here

Contact:  Dragos Rauta