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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

No. 20/2003




INTERTANKO hosts International Shipowner’s Seminar in Imabari, Japan

INTERCARGO and INTERTANKO arranged a one-day seminar on 15 May in Imabari for regional shipowners, trading houses, financiers and insurers, which attracted over 100 delegates from more than 70 companies.... More


INTERTANKO attends ICS/ISF Annual Meetings in Japan

INTERTANKO MD Peter Swift joined 15 national shipowners’ associations and fellow invitees from Intercargo and ECSA for three days of discussions to develop common positions on topics of international interest.... More


Register for INTERTANKO’s Vetting Seminar Oslo 2 June 2003

The seminar will be held at the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association and will last from 11.30 to approximately 17.00. A full list of agenda items can be viewed on INTERTANKO’s web site.... More


The EU goes ahead with ban on TBT anti-fouling systems on EU ships from 1 July 2003

EC Regulation 782/2003 bans the fresh application of TBT anti-fouling paints on EU-flagged vessels from 1 July 2003 and forbids the existence of TBT on all ships entering a port or offshore terminal of an EU Member State from 1 January 2008. ... More


Paris MOU to introduce tough rules to target high risk ships

Certain categories of ships from flags on the Black List will be banned after 2 or 3 detentions. Expanded inspection for older oil tankers, chemical and gas carriers, bulk carriers and passenger ships is mandatory every 12 months.... More


New state of the art safety tracking system at MCA Dover

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency Dover (MCA Dover) has just launched its new state of the art Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS) for tracking vessels transiting the Dover Strait.... More


OECD commercial oil stocks continue to decline – IEA

According to the 13 May 2003 monthly IEA Oil Market Report, OECD commercial oil stocks declined by 1.43 mbd in the first quarter of 2003. Stockdraws to oil product inventories were significant and outpaced a modest increase in crude oil stocks. OECD commercial crude and product stocks at the end of the 1 st quarter 2003 (1Q03) now cover 50 days of forward demand as compared to 56 days end 1Q02....... More


Resumption of Iraqi oil supply uncertain – IEA

Following the extinguishing of a limited number of oil well fires at the Iraqi Rumailah field, southern area production was restarted 23 April while northern area production commenced around 27 April. However, oil production volumes remain limited and total Iraqi production stood in early May at 0.2 mbd compared to 1.43 mbd in March and 2.49 mbd in February. IEA estimate that production of 1.5...... More


A Century of Tankers

In the hundred years that they have been around tankers have been both the hero and the villain of their own story. Without tankers, the modern world would not function, yet the public perception of oil shipping has swayed from admiration to intolerance. Starting with the US oil boom in the 1860s, ‘A Century of Tankers’ tells the remarkable story of the rise of tanker shipping, its pivotal role...... More



Lloyd’s List, 13 May 2003 - Paying for maritime security Trade Winds Weekly, 16 May 2003 – Leave this on the page ... More