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Monday, October 15, 2018

Richard du Moulin heads for New York - record in sight

The Great American II crew prepare to finish their Hong Kong to New York sailing record attempt at the Statue of Liberty early next week.

Yesterday the 53-foot trimaran was south of Bermuda and 1,230 miles from New York as the crew plotted their route through three storm systems blocking their path. The two sailors have been at sea 66 days in their attempt to eclipse the record of 74 days, 14 hours set by the extreme clipper ship Sea Witch in the China tea trade a century-and-a-half ago.

"We're very, very close in the challenge for the record," said Richard du Moulin, Chairman of INTERTANKO's North American Panel, in an email from the boat yesterday, transmitted via satellite. "Wednesday's analysis showed Great American only 142 miles closer to New York than Sea Witch. That's less than a day's sailing, or only 11 hours

difference when each of us is at maximum speed - two great sailing vessels, 154 years and 142 miles apart!"

"If you love geography, history and the outdoors, this voyage qualifies as an adventure," Richard du Moulin said in his email. "We have sailed the South China Sea, JavaSea, Indian Ocean, South Atlantic, and North Atlantic. We passed through the SundaStrait and by CapeAguhlas and Cape of Good Hope.  We saw St. Helena volcano at night and have viewed the great constellations of both hemispheres.  There were waterspouts, sea snakes, and a million birds and flying fish.  We covered more than 180 degrees of longitude, and 140 degrees of latitude while crossing the equator twice."

Contact: Sally Woulfe