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Friday, October 19, 2018

No. 28/2003




Full Agenda at MEPC 49

INTERTANKO prepares for a busy week at IMO... More


NAV 49 outcome

INTERTANKO attended the full Plenary session Monday to Friday and participated in a number of meetings including those of the Technical Working Group regarding VDR, the Working Group on Ship Routeing, and the Drafting Group on Places of Refuge.... More


Keeping anchor watch

The Working Group assigned to study this matter has submitted its report to the Navigation Sub Committee ( Nav 49 ) at IMO. The report will now be submitted to the Sub Committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping 35 (STW 35) for further discussion and possible development.... More


AIS long range tracking

The Technical Working Group agreed that all ships engaged in voyages within sea area A3 as defined in chapter IV 2.14 of SOLAS shall be fitted with a ship earth station that makes available the ship’s position, date, time and ship identity to IMO member coastal states.... More


Anchoring mooring towing equipment

INTERTANKO has completed its joint study with OCIMF and IMPA and submitted document NAV 49-6. NAV 49 have further requested that the three organisations submit a substantive proposal to NAV 50 to enable it to make progress on this issue.... More


Panama Canal implements AIS

On 1 July 2003 the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) implemented its mandatory requirements for the carriage of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS ) in Panama Canal waters for vessels over 300 Gross Tons or 20 metres LOA.... More


Paris MoU Annual Report 2002

The Paris MoU has now issued its Annual Report for 2002. Two major inspection campaigns identified "much room for improvement" in the issuing of STCW certificates and the implementation of the ISM Code.... More


Guidance on Health, Safety and Environment during construction, conversion or repair

We have received an Information Paper from the Oil Companies International Marine Forum on ‘Health, Safety and Environment at New-Building and Repair Shipyards and During Factory Acceptance Testing’... More


Singapore Bunkering procedure for Annex VI (SS CP 60) submitted to IMO’s MEPC 49. Session

Singapore’s Technical Committee for Bunkering has submitted a paper to IMO’s MEPC 49th Session informing of Singapore’s experience in the development and implementation of SS CP 60: 1996.... More


European imports from FSU continue to increase - OECD

According to OECD, Europe took 33% or 3.35 mbd of its oil imports from the Former Soviet Union during the first quarter of 2003. The same figure for 2001 was 2.87 mbd and for 2000 2.59 mbd. In 1993 Europe imported 1.08 mbd of crude oil from FSU, which means that imports from this area have more than tripled over the last 10 years. About a third (4.12 mbd) of the European oil imports came from...... More


Norwegian oil production lower than projected – The Norwegian Oil Directorate

According to the Norwegian Oil Directorate, the average oil production in the Norwegian North Sea sector in June was 2.605 mbd, the lowest so far in 2003. The figures from the Oil Directorate are below the projection for 2003 of above three million barrels per day (mbd), having for the first half of the year only been 2.876 mbd. The shortfall is partly due to planned maintenance of fields, but...... More


Russian crude oil exports continue to climb – PIW

Petroleum Intelligence Weekly reports that Russian exports increased by 0.152 mbd to 2.767 mbd in June, which is 0.413 mbd above that of June 2002. The rise was due equally to increased Black Sea loadings and faster pumping down the Druzhba pipeline to Central Europe. Export capacity is set to rise in July when a 50% expansion of the Baltic Sea Pipeline to 0.36 mbd opens. Black Sea exports were...... More


Tanker sales for decommissioning pass 10 mil dwt

So far in 2003, INTERTANKO has recorded 116 tankers of 10.7 m dwt sold for decommissioning: 26 tankers smaller than 20,000 of 0.3 mil dwt, average age 31.3 years 35 tankers 20-50,000 dwt of 1.1 mil dwt, average age 28.5 years, 28 tankers of 2.1 mil dwt 50-120,000 dwt, average age 26.2 years, 8 Suezmaxes of 1.1 mil dwt, average age 25.4 years, and 19 VLCCs tankers of 6.1 mil dwt, average age 27....... More



Singapore Shipping Times,  30 June 2003 - Industry groups grapple with EU's tanker proposals Singapore Shipping times, 7 July 2003 - EU states urged to set up safe havens for distressed ships Lloyd's List, 11 July 2003 - Intertanko challenges India on new rules Tradewinds, 11 July 2003 - Intertanko fed up with flags' 'indecision' ... More