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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Norway at a crossroads when it comes to shipping

Representing the new owners of Norwegian shipping company Bergesen, Mr. Andreas Sohmen-Pao delivered a clear message in his well received speech at the Annual Meeting of the NSA Tank and Bulkship Group.

Mr. Sohmen-Pao told the audience, which had turned out in record numbers, that he thought Norway was at a crossroads when it came to shipping. Politicians had to decide whether to give the shipping industry equal treatment with that enjoyed by competitors internationally, and the industry itself had to decide whether to continue to actively develop the Norwegian shipping cluster or not. “As we all know, Norway took bold steps in tax reform for shipping in 1996, with favourable results. The NIS scheme stemmed the outward flow, with total Norwegian tonnage rising healthily in the ensuing years. But as you all know, the world continues to move forward. EU countries, not to mention those further afield, have improved their conditions and are moving ahead.”

Click here for Mr Sohmen-Pao’s full speech