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Friday, October 19, 2018

INTERTANKO participates at meeting of the IMO Group of Experts

INTERTANKO was represented by Erik Ranheim at a meeting of the IMO Group of Experts tasked with evaluating the consequences of implementing a new MARPOL phase-out scheme.

At the last MEPC (49) in July no conclusions were reached regarding the European proposals to change MARPOL with regard to the phase-out of single-hull (SH) tankers, to restrict the carriage of heavy oils to double-hull (DH) tankers, and to expand the Condition Assessment Scheme.

With regard to the carriage of heavy oils in DH tankers there was disagreement with regard to the definition of heavy oil and whether to include crude oils. One solution could be to reduce the density limit from 0.95 to 0.92. The latter is a figure used by ITOPF for heavy oils, that is those that are potentially more pollutive, although it is not density alone that determines how damaging an oil can be to the environment.

The application of a Condition Assessment Scheme received full support on condition that it could be made practicable and that not too many surveys would be forced through in too short an initial period.

On single-hull phase-out, it still looks as if IMO will settle on a compromise solution whereby Europe keeps its 2010 phase-out scheme within a MARPOL regime ( see article in Weekly NEWS No. 30 of 25 July 2003). However, IMO may delay the final phase-out year for SH tankers past 2010 to 20, 23 or 25 years of age, but no later than 2015. Tankers with Double Bottom (DB) or Double Sides (DS) will be able to trade until the age of 25 years, with a final phase-out year of 2015. However, individual countries will be allowed unilaterally to deny port entry to SH tankers after 2010.

We cannot, of course, exclude that new issues could crop up that could change the situation at the MEPC session at the beginning of December this year.

In the IMO Group of Experts a problem has arisen regarding the accuracy of the tanker database used. Information on SBT, DS, DB or chemical/oil tankers has proven to be inaccurate.

We therefore urge you to look at the list of SH oil tankers INTERTANKO has placed on the web. Please click here to download a copy of the list. We would appreciate information on any discrepancies.

The questions we would like you to consider are:

  • Does the list include all oil tankers with SH, DB or DS over 5,000 dwt that you own/are aware of?
  • Is the information on PL-SBT (in accordance with MARPOL 13E – look at your IOPP certificate) correct?
  • Is the information on DB or DS tankers correct?
  • Do your tankers have DB or DS that do not cover the entire cargo tank length of the ship?
  • Is the information on ship type correct (product/crude)?

We know that the regulatory phase-out situation appears unclear:

  • The MARPOL phase-out scheme according to 13G started to take effect in July 2003.
  • The EU phase-out scheme will most probably come into force at the beginning of October 2003.
  • OPA 90 provides a different set of rules in the US.
  • A proposed new MARPOL scheme will probably contain the option for regional differences over Category 2’s (PL-SBT tankers) final cut-off date (2010 or 2015).

Please, therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to clarify the situation for you.

Contact: Erik Ranheim