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Monday, October 15, 2018

INTERTANKO’s Council meets in London

This week INTERTANKO’s Council held its autumn meeting in London covering a full agenda with comprehensive reports from the INTERTANKO’s committees and regional panels.

The Council noted that INTERTANKO has actively engaged in matters arising from the Prestige accident and, specifically, the accelerated phase-out of single-hull tankers, restriction on the carriage of heavy oils to double-hull tankers and expansion of the Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS). Post-MEPC work in July has included extensive involvement in the re-activated Group of Experts, participation in the UK-hosted informal contact group reviewing the proposed expansion of CAS and seeking clarification of the intent as well as interpretation of several parts of the revised EU regulations.

The Council debated INTERTANKO’s policy on flag and endorsed the Round Table of Maritime Associations’ (BIMCO, INTERCARGO, ICS and INTERTANKO) Guidelines on flag state performance. The purpose of these Guidelines is a) to encourage shipowners and operators to examine whether a flag state has sufficient substance before using it and b) to encourage shipowners and operators to put pressure on their flag administrations to effect any improvements that might be necessary, especially in relation to safety of life at sea, the protection of the marine environment and the provision of decent working and living conditions for seafarers. The Guidelines are recommendatory in nature and are intended to provide useful advice on what a shipping company might reasonably expect in its capacity as a customer of an administration whose flag it chooses to fly. The Guidelines will be published in the latter half of September and made available to members.

The Council reaffirmed INTERTANKO’s plans to develop its existing media response plan and establish an Incident Press Desk using the website as one of the principal communication and information tools. The Council reaffirmed the need for INTERTANKO’s members to understand how the media operates and for members have a designated press contact.

The Council endorsed the new membership criteria including an amendment on emergency response for damaged stability which is effective from January 1st, 2004. The amended clause now reads: “All INTERTANKO members’ tankers shall have an audited Emergency Response Service in place for the determination of stability andstrength in a damaged condition”.

The Council approved the recommendation from the Executive Committee that the membership fee level for 2004 should be maintained at the same level as for 2003.

The Managing Director reported on internal re-organisational changes underway with the establishment of four directorates :

  • Corporate Affairs, Communications and Research
  • Legal & Documentary/Europe
  • Technical & Engineering/North America
  • Marine, Chemical & Ports/Environmental

This is aimed at improving issue management and accountability, and achieving better co-ordination and utilisation of staff resources. It also addresses some of the challenges of operating from diverse locations.

Other items on the agenda included i.a. INTERTANKO positioning on important tanker matters and the market consequences of a new regulatory regime.

INTERTANKO elections and new committee members

The Council elected four new Executive Committee members, Mr Stefano Rosina, Premuda; Mr Kuniaki Shirakuma, NYK; Mr Manolis Vordonis, Thenamaris Ships Management; Mr Bruce Ogivly, Stelmar Tankers.

The Council endorsed the following nominations for new committee members:

Chemical Tanker Sub-Committee Americas (CTSCA) Chairman: Mr Knut Dybvik, Vice President (Odfjell USA)

Hellenic Committee: Member: Mr. Costis Kertsikoff of Eletson Corp.

Hellenic Forum: Vice Chairmen: Mr. John Damilatis of Kyklades Maritime Corporation

Mr. Manolis Vordonis, Thenamaris Ships Management Inc.

ISTEC: Member: Lars Lundegard, Technical Director, Dampskibsselskabet "NORDEN" A/S

Worldscale Committee: Member: Tim Horne, Director of Chartering, Teekay Shipping (U.K.) Ltd.

New INTERTANKO members

The Council approved the application for membership of 4 tanker owing companies (including one subject to reconfirmation by the Hellenic Panel) with a registered fleet of 17 tankers aggregating 529,000 tons deadweight.

  • Pacific Carriers in Singapore
  • Diamlemos Shipping Corp in Greece
  • Capital Ship Management Corp in Greece (subject to Hellenic Panel reconfirmation)
  • Sutrajaya Shipping of Malaysia

New INTERTANKO associate members

The INTERTANKO Council approved the twelve applications for associate membership:

  • JSC Maritime Agency Novotorik
  • Mainport Africa Shipping Pty Ltd
  • Actimar Sarl
  • ENTRIX Inc
  • Federation of Oil Seeds and Fats Association (FOSFA)
  • International Transport Contractors (ITC)
  • International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA)
  • AquaHabiStat
  • N.E.I. Treatment Systems Inc
  • Petrol Ofisi A.S.
  • Seagull AS
  • Chamber of Shipping Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean Black Sea Region

Dubai Tanker Event, 28-31 March 2004

Next year’s Tanker Event will take place 28-31 March 2004 and the preliminary programme will be sent out shortly. In the meantime members are asked to make a note in their diary.

Contact: Sally Woulfe