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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

No. 39/2003

  • Tanker Specification Awareness Guide
  • A Guide to the Vetting Process – 5th edition
  • A Guide to Tanker Charters (2001)
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    Maritime Cyprus an International Success

    The three-day conference illustrated the diversity of important issues which the industry is addressing at the moment, ranging from flag state responsibility to maritime security and political influence on shipping operations.... More


    Marine Safety Data Sheets for MARPOL Annex I cargoes and marine fuel oils

    In accordance with a Resolution adopted at MSC 77, members are encouraged to use this new MSDS format and at the same time give us feedback on whether or not shippers accept it.... More


    Calibration of magnetic compasses in Panama Canal waters

    Instances have been reported of magnetic compasses having been calibrated or repaired in Panama Canal waters without adherence to the established procedures. We draw your attention once again to Advisory to Shipping No. 1-34-2003.... More


    Warning regarding Iraqi oil as bunkers

    According to the U.S. Maritime Liaison Office in Bahrain, Iraqi crude oil, sometimes blended with various fuel oils, is being sold as bunkers. Such oil is not appropriate for use in most marine engines and may cause damage.... More




    OPEC cuts oil production

    On 24 September 2003 OPEC decided to cut output from 1 November by 0.9 mbd to 24.5 mbd or by 3.5%. OPEC is thus reversing a quota increase in April when the absence of Iraqi oil from the world oil market and Venezuela 's oil strike had contributed to creating a deficit in US oil inventories. Although the cut came as a surprise to oil markets, OPEC had already begun to voice concerns over supply...... More



    The ability to provide public information in the event of a pollution incident, in other words deal with the media, is a legal requirement under OPA 90 and is of course very important in relation to pollution incidents world-wide. This four-hour course is a vital introduction to the realities of media response in a changing world.... More


    POINTS OF VIEW - Tanker supply depends on the eligible fleet

    The tanker market could avoid oversupply partly because the tanker recycling figures are still comparatively high despite a good tanker market, but primarily because the ‘eligible fleet’ is still comparatively low.... More



    Lloyd’s List, 22 September 2003 – Last Word - Ides of March Lloyd’s List, 22 September 2003 – Credit where it is due Lloyd’s List, 23 September 2003 – Intertanko and Intercargo to ‘live in sin’ but there will be no engagement Lloyd’s List, 24 September 2003 – Lorentzon bids Frontline farewell Lloyd’s List, 24 September 2003 – Karamitsos calls for new look at compensation Lloyd’s List, 24...... More