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Friday, October 19, 2018

INTERTANKO participates in 2nd Asia Maritime & Logistics Conference – Kuala Lumpur

This week the 2nd Asia Maritime & Logistics Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur and was attended by some 400 delegates from 30 countries. Representing INTERTANKO were Dr Peter Swift, who presented a paper entitled “Structural Transformation & Changes in the Tanker Trade”, and John Fawcett-Ellis.

The opening address was given by the Minister of Transport, on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister, who delivered a strong message to the shipping community and Asian shipping nations. He stated that: “It is troubling to note that despite the status of Asia to the global maritime industry, despite its contribution to the industry’s growth, Asia’s opinion on a number of matters of importance to the global maritime industry has not been sought or indeed been well heard…” The speech went on to deal with unilateralism as opposed to international regulation of the shipping industry, noting in particular that Asia’s voice at IMO had not been sufficiently strong or loud.

It was also noteworthy that reference was made to the fact that Malaysia is taking part in the Marine Electronic Highway project supported by the World Bank. INTERTANKO is taking a key role in this initiative with some of our members’ vessels participating in the demonstration phase.

It was also highlighted that Malaysia is in the process of setting up a National Coast Guard to protect its extensive coastline and maritime resources. The speech was reported in Fairplay Daily News. Please click here to view the article.

The statements made echoed INTERTANKO’s own belief in international rather than regional regulation and support for the IMO. All maritime nations should play an active part in shaping our maritime industry to cope with the demands of zero tolerance on oil pollution and the drive for increased quality and competitiveness.

Peter Swift’s paper and slides (click here to download) highlighted changes in the fundamentals of the Tanker Trade, including demand and supply developments and structural changes in the industry. Following recent events, and in particular the Prestige accident, he spoke of the challenges to the international regulatory regimes that govern the tanker industry, and the actions and reactions of the various parties. In his conclusion he stressed the importance of all the stakeholders working together to improve quality, safety and protection of the environment, and made special mention of the need for regulators and legislators to implement legislation, ratify conventions and accept their responsibilities.

The speech was reported in Lloyd’s list. Please click here to view the article.

Other speakers at the session on the New World Order and the Maritime Market Place included Dr JN Bajpai from the World Bank, who spoke on “Trends & Trade and Impact on Transportation & Logistics: An East Asian Perspective” and Mr Frederick Tsao, Chairman, INTERCARGO, who spoke on: “Structural Transformation & Changes in the Bulk Trade”.

Contact: John Fawcett-Ellis