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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

INTERTANKO's Media Awareness Course – 24 October 2003, Piraeus

On 24 October the INTERTANKO's Media Awareness Course took place at the Piraeus offices of Chandris Hellas. The course tutors were Maritime Technical International (MTI).

There were twelve participants. The purpose of the course was to ensure that the attendees understood how the media operate and why they are interested in the shipping industry, as well as to give them a grounding in media response. Case studies were used - Erika, Prestige and Tampa as well as others.

The course was not intended to train the participants to be company spokesmen but rather to ensure that they would be able to protect the reputation of their company should there be any event that interests the media.

By acting out a scenario and answering calls from trainers posing as journalists, the participants were able to understand the pressure that can be created if dozens of calls every hour are blocking the company switchboard and taking up management time. A significant lesson was the need to have a strategy when dealing with the media. At all times the importance of being polite, helpful but also effective in directing calls to the right person was practised. Moreover some calls, such as those from the relatives of crew members, need to be handled differently from the media calls.

The final section involved responding to a doorstep camera interview. This was a brief introduction to the techniques of gaining control and considering how you are being perceived on the other side of the lens.

By the end of the course participants had a much better understanding of the realities of media response and what they need to do in their companies to ensure that their side of the story can be heard in the period following an incident.

INTERTANKO would like to thank Chandris for the use of their excellent training facilities.

If you are interested in attending a similar course, please contact Clarice Tan.

Contact: Clarice Tan