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Thursday, September 20, 2018

US Merchant Marine Academy offers transportation, logistics and management course

The Global Maritime and TransportationSchool at the US Merchant Marine Academy is one of the world leaders in providing professional education in maritime activities, intermodal transportation and logistics. The Transportation, Logistics and Management Division is currently offering a variety of courses. US-based members may wish to send personnel, particularly to the maritime security courses.

The course calendar includes:

19 – 21 November 2003: Managing Compliance and Security in Global Supply Chains

1 – 12 December 2003: Strategic Intermodal Transportation

26 – 30 January 2004: Intermodal Freight Transportation

2 – 26 February 2004: Business Logistics Management

9 – 20 February 2004: Port and Terminal Operations

23 – 27 February 2004: Shipboard Security & Force Protection

Click here to download a table with course details.

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