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Monday, September 24, 2018

INTERTANKO/IACS informal meeting with European Commission on double hull tankers

Representatives from INTERTANKO joined colleagues from IACS for an informal meeting this week with officials of the European Commission (DG TREN) on double hull tankers. These discussions were a follow-up to the EC-hosted Double Hull Seminar in Brussels last November.

Topics covered included the development of goal-based standards at the IMO, the common rules for tankers to be released by IACS later this year, the joint industry initiatives with shipbuilders in the Far East and in Europe, the INTERTANKO Tanker Specification Awareness Guide, and the general drive for more robust ships. There was also discussion of the differences in maintenance, inspection and survey practices between single and double hull tankers.

Initial ideas for EU-sponsored research included a project focusing on life-cycle design and risk-based inspection and maintenance techniques, taking into account and anticipating vessel benchmarking criteria which could derive from the future IMO goal-based standards. This might include fatigue, coating, corrosion protection, construction, inspection and maintenance of structural details, alternative means of access, and means for the structural reassessment of ships in service. Further meetings are anticipated to progress these initial ideas with DG TREN and DG RESEARCH.

Contact: Peter Swift