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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Paris MoU and INTERTANKO discuss integrity and effectiveness of global PSC

Recognising ongoing difficulties in achieving a consistent quality in all the different port state control regimes worldwide, and recognising the desire that the high standards set by the Paris MoU on Port State Control be replicated everywhere, were two key factors behind the recent meeting in Brussels between INTERTANKO managing director Peter Swift and Alan Cubbin, Chairman of the Paris MoU.

There was no doubt about the important role of port state control in the effort to lift shipping standards by using rigorous independent inspections. Given that PSC has effectively become the ‘teeth’ of the enforcement of quality and regulatory criteria in the shipping industry, it was recognised that maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism is crucial to sustain the credibility of the psc system worldwide.

It was highlighted that other port state control regimes do not always achieve the same high standards as the Paris MoU, giving rise to particular problems such as ‘excessively enthusiastic’ inspectors, ‘selective (tit-for-tat) targeting’, picking on ‘easy’ targets to achieve inspection quotas, ‘malpractice driven by third party interest or self interest, the temptation to some psc officers of the escalating ‘value’ to an owner of avoiding a detention.

Both parties acknowledged that any evidence of the abuse of port state control should be highlighted and brought out into the open. At the same time they agreed to maintain contact to encourage equitable, uniform, transparent and trusted psc processes and procedures worldwide.

A joint press release can be found on the INTERTANKO web site

Contact: Peter Swift