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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

No. 13/2004

  • ISTEC meeting, 26-27 March 2004, Dubai
  • INTERTANKO’s Dubai Tanker Event, 28-31 March 2004, Dubai
  • INTERTANKO Executive Committee Meeting, 28 March 2004, Dubai
  • INTERTANKO Council Meeting, 29 March 2004, Dubai
  • Media Awareness Course, 29 March: 1400-1730 hrs, Dubai
  • The Associate Members Committee meeting, 29 March 2004, Dubai
  • INTERTANKO European Reference Group meeting, 29 March 2004, Dubai
  • INTERTANKO AGM, 30 March 2004, Dubai
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    INTERTANKO Chairman honoured at Connecticut Maritime Association

    INTERTANKO Chairman Lars Carlsson was honoured at a presentation at the Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) Annual Meeting this week for his contribution to CMA and the shipping industry over many years. His support for both was coupled with that of INTERTANKO and acknowledged by outgoing CMA President Don Frost. Earlier Lars Carlsson had moderated and spoken at the session “Views from 35,00...... More


    Peter Swift speaks at CMA on “What makes a Trade Association Effective”.

    INTERTANKO MD Dr Peter Swift addressed a session at the Connecticut Maritime Association’s (CMA) Annual Meeting on what is needed for a Trade Association to be effective and how it works to represent the interests of its members. Inter alia, he spoke of the need for the Association to be in touch with its members, to be respected and trusted for its integrity and competence, to be acknowledged ...... More


    INTERTANKO’s North American Panel held its 15th meeting on 22 March 2004, Stamford, CT

    This spring meeting of INTERTANKO’s North American Panel was held in conjunction with the Connecticut Maritime Association’s conference in Stamford, CT. Unlike previous meetings, however, it began with a session at which some 12 members and staffers reviewed INTERTANKO’s activities. It was a brain-storming exercise in which members tabled a list of items linked to INTERTANKO’s governance,...... More


    INTERTANKO supports International Oil and Chemical Spill Conference held in Singapore

    The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore this week held its International Oil and Chemical Spill Conference. The theme of the conference was “Cleaner seas – improved safety and security vs liability and compensation”. The conference was opened by Minister Yeo Cheow Tong, Minister of Transport.   A distinguished list of speakers included two INTERTANKO members from Singapore, Mr Joseph Kwok,...... More


    Impressive speakers give the Dubai Tanker Event a real cutting edge

    Changing oil supply and demand figures are giving the tanker industry plenty to think about. This week the International Energy Agency (IEA) publishes a 220,000 bbls/day increase in its latest forecast for world oil demand – taking total growth forecast for the year to 1.65m bbls/day. At the same time IEA expresses its concerns at low US gasoline stocks as the start of the US driving season...... More


    INTERTANKO Annual Review and Report 2003

    INTERTANKO’s 2003 Annual Review and Report is now available as an e-book on our website . Hard copies will be available at the Dubai Tanker Event and will be despatched to all members and associate members. Contact : Bill Box and Sally Woulfe ... More



    Different parts of the global economy inter-react creating greater rate volatility.... More




    The VLCC orderbook covers the market until 2008 – at least

    Johan G. Olsen’s latest VLCC fleet list shows that out of a total of 440 existing VLCCs (including 2 O/Os) oil majors or state-owned companies own 129 VLCCs. In addition, they control 91 tankers on period employment to 2006 and beyond. This means that independent owners own 71% of the VLCC fleet, but only control 50% of it. Of the total of 81 VLCCs on order for delivery until 2007, independent...... More


    Half the suezmaxes already built/being built in this decade

    Johan G. Olsen has issued its suezmax fleet list, which includes the employment of the ships and the charterer. These tankers do not really live up to their name as only on average 5-10 are passing through the Suez Canal per month, which is actually less than the number of VLCCs. The publication lists 322 existing ships (including 16 OBOs) and 80 newbuildings on order. Oil majors or state-owned...... More



    3 easy ways to order: Download an order form and return by fax to our Oslo office at fax no: +47 22 12 26 41 Send your order by e-mail Order directly from our online bookshop ************************** ** A Guide to the Vetting Process, 5 th edition INTERTANKO handles many enquiries for up-to-date information on the different ship inspection systems which form an essential part of the tanker...... More



    TradeWinds Weekly, 19 March 2004 - Intertanko warns of 'tonnage dumping’ TradeWinds Weekly, 19 March 2004 - Champion lashes out at vegoil rule TradeWinds Weekly, 19 March 2004 - EU proposes global sea sleuths Lloyd’s List, 24 March 2004 - Tanker rates ‘ignore phase-out and spills’ Fairplay Daily News , 24 March 2004 – Tanker sector must win trust Lloyd’s List, 24 March 2004 – Salvors warned of...... More