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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

All parts of the oil and shipping industry have a responsibility to ensure the highest of standards

INTERTANKO Managing Director Dr Peter Swift spoke at the International Maritime Industries Forum (IMIF) lunch meeting on 28 April 2004 in London on “Tankers – Today and Tomorrow”, kindly hosted by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF). In his talk he highlighted the industry’s performance record of continued reliability, cost and energy efficiency, with fewer and fewer incidents and high environmental awareness. He spoke of the many environmental and quality initiatives that are under way, and of the dependence of tanker owners on other parties in the long chain of responsibility if even more is to be achieved.

He believes that PortState Control (PSC) is an important element in lifting standards across all types of shipping and he outlined the work of INTERTANKO with leading PSC regimes to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the system.

In the tanker industry, he said, weaknesses in feedback systems and learning mechanisms, as well as the failure to share and to analyse information, are areas that need attention.

He also cited recent examples of oil charterers referring to a “grey fleet” without identifying the ships themselves, the charterers that employed them, the cargoes that they carried, the terminals that they visited, the insurers that covered them and the flag states and classification societies that approved them. This, he suggested, demonstrates that all parts of the oil and shipping industry have a responsibility to ensure the highest of standards.

A copy of Dr Swift’s presentation can be downloaded from INTERTANKO’s web site.

Contact: Peter Swift