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Thursday, November 15, 2018

No. 21/2004

  • 25 May - INTERTANKO meeting with USCG re Q.88
  • 26 May – DNV Seminar, Hamburg
  • 28 May – International Seminar on Maritime Safety, Istanbul
  • 31 May – INTERTANKO Tanker Meeting, Istanbul
  • 3 June - Seamen's Church Institute Silver Bell Award / Conference, New York
  • 4 June - INTERTANKO meeting with mainstream press, New York
  • 7 June - INTERTANKO meeting with mainstream press, Washington DC
  • 15 June - INTERTANKO/ILTA/USCG Chemical Tanker Seminar, Houston, Texas.
  • 22-23 June - Platts Bunker and Residual Fuel Conference, New Orleans
  • 28-29 June - API Biennial Tanker Conference, San Diego, California
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    IMO concludes on permanent means of access

    The unusual process of revising a regulation between its adoption and its entry into force has been completed in the case of the amendments to SOLAS mandating Permanent Means of Access. As previously reported, in December 2002 IMO adopted a set of significant amendments to the SOLAS Convention (SOLAS II-1/3-6) mandating Permanent Means of Access in new tankers and new bulk carriers (built as fr...... More


    IMO en route for goal-based standards for ship construction

    The IMO's Maritime Safety Committee 78th session (MSC 78) embarked on the difficult task of developing "goal-based standards" for newbuildings. MSC 78 has unanimously agreed to begin this complex endeavour at the next session of this Committee (MSC 79). The base document that will be considered is a joint submission by the Bahamas , Greece and IACS. Click here to download a copy of the document...... More


    Amendment to Traffic Separation Scheme in the Singapore Straits

    The Joint IMO submission MSC 78/11/6 made by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), INTERTANKO, and Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) ( click here to download a copy) was discussed this week at the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 78). The submission requested the MSC to consider referring the matter of the Singapore Traffic Separation Scheme...... More


    Implementation for retro-fit S-VDRs and draft S-VDR performance standards

    Following majority support by Member States, the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 78) approved the proposed draft amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, Chapter V, Safety of Navigation, Regulation 20 – Voyage data recorders. Click here to view the amendments which state the final implementation dates for retro-fitting S-VDRs. In particular members are...... More


    Unique Company ID & registered owners identification number scheme

    A proposal was made to IMO to establish a number scheme for Unique Company IDs for companies and registered owners (similar to the IMO ship identification number scheme), in collaboration with Lloyds Register- Fairplay. After due consideration by MSC three options were suggested. To adopt the MSC resolution without reference to Lloyds Register Fairplay To consider and compare other ways of...... More


    Double side skin no longer mandated for bulk carriers

    As a result of the debate under Item 5 at the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 78) yesterday, the industry finally has an agreement which removes the mandated requirement for bulk carriers of LOA>150m to be built according to an approved double side skin design. Most organisations in the industry are delighted with this outcome, particularly INTERCARGO since it conforms with the position...... More


    Paris MoU reviews inspection quotas and targeting system

    The decision by the Paris MoU on Port State Control to make a fundamental review of its methods of targeting and inspection is welcomed by INTERTANKO. The idea being discussed is to scrap the 25% inspection quota that Paris MoU members are required to meet, and replace it with a targeting system that is more risk-based. This would in principle mean a reduced burden of inspections on quality...... More


    Vancouver introduces new unilateral ballast water exchange rules

    Regardless of the recent adoption of the International Convention on Ballast Water, the Port of Vancouver in Canada has proceeded with new requirements mandating ballast water exchange. These entered into force on 30 April 2004 . The requirements are based on the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) resolution A.868 (20), which provides guidance on the minimisation of harmful aquatic...... More


    Chris Horrocks is the Seatrade Personality for 2004

    INTERTANKO salutes Chris Horrocks, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping and the International Shipping Federation, named as Seatrade Personality 2004 this week at the Seatrade Awards Ceremony Dinner in London 's Guildhall. After His Royal Highness The Duke of York had presented the awards commending outstanding achievements of the last year, over 400 members of the maritim...... More


    Singapore MPA recognised for enhancing safety at sea

    The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) won the Seatrade Award for Safety at Sea at the Seatrade Awards Ceremony Dinner this week at London ’s Guildhall. The award is for MPA’s system for enhancing pilot-master information exchange onboard vessels. To see the MPA Press Release click Press Release The sending of the pilots' passage plan to the ship’s master well before the vessel's arriv...... More


    ID switching by U.S. government officers

    U.S. Government representatives, including Customs officers and US Coast Guard officers, have allegedly switched identity documents with their colleagues before boarding vessels, we understand, with the intention of ensuring that security officers at the point of entry are doing their job properly. We have been reliably informed that this has been happening as the Coast Guard carries out...... More


    Barcelona Conference on the key elements of the HNS Convention

    A well-timed conference bringing together the main players from industry and government to discuss the key elements of the HNS Convention (The International Convention on Liability and Compensation For Damage in Connection with the Carriage of Hazardous and Noxious Substances by Sea, 1996) took place in Barcelona on 19 May 2004 . The Conference, which was sponsored by OCIMF, Total and Mare Foru...... More


    New York/New Jersey Port Security Plan Approved

    The members of the New York/New Jersey Area Maritime Security Committee were informed at their meeting on 20 May 2004 that the Port Security Plan had been considered to be the most efficient in the Atlantic Area and had been approved. The Area Maritime Security Committee, which assisted the USCG in developing the Security Plan, comprises a number of Federal and State Agencies, industry...... More


    Prosperity – the key to EU research

    In a European marine science conference held in Ireland last week, INTERTANKO presented an overview of the principal environmental concerns relating to oil transportation by tanker, as well as the solutions in place, both mandatory and voluntary. Organised by the European Presidency in combination with the Ireland’s Marine Institute and the European Science Foundation’s Marine Board, EurOcean...... More


    INTERTANKO’s Chairman visits Asian members

    The Association’s Chairman, Stephen Van Dyck, this week met members in Shanghai and Singapore . In Shanghai a reception was held on 19 May 2004 at the Four Season’s Hotel for our members in China and the maritime community in Shanghai . A broad spectrum of the maritime industry in China was present. K.H. Koo, the Association’s Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Asian Regional Panel, gave a warm...... More


    Consequence Assessment Methods published for releases from LNG Carriers

    The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has contracted ABS Consulting Inc to research and review methodologies for modelling liquefied natural gas (LNG) spills on water. The final report, entitled Consequence Assessment Methods for Incidents Involving Releases from Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers , was made available on 14 May 2004 and can be found on the FERC website The report...... More


    Invitation to NSA Seminar on preventive measures in relation to MARPOL violations

    Over the last years, Port States have intensified the control of ships and significantly increased the sanctions for violations of MARPOL with respect to discharges of oil and oily water. In the US , the authorities have strengthened MARPOL’s enforcement and criminal fines up to 27 mill USD have been awarded. Similar developments in Europe are expected. In order to give an update on the recent...... More


    LNG deepwater port license application – Compass Port LLC

    The U.S. Coast Guard and the Maritime Administration (MARAD) have issued Notice 69 Fed. Reg. 29142 stating that it has received an application for the licensing of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) deepwater port. The deepwater port, to be called Compass Port LLC, would be located in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Alabama . Any public hearing on this proposal will be held not later than 15...... More


    BUNKER BULLETIN – Fuels containing used lubricating oil in Port Kembla, Australia

    Click here for a copy of Bunker Bulletin Ref 02/1004 from DNV Petroleum Services dated 15 May 2004 – Fuels containing used lubricating oil in Port Kembla, Australia ... More


    POINTS OF VIEW - Leading UK analyst focuses on China

    Professor Tim Congdon of Lombard Street Research Ltd, gave a presentation entitled “The Asian Free Trade Boom: what does it mean for the world economy? And for shipping?” at a lunch this week organised by the International Maritime Industries Forum (IMIF). Focusing on the Chinese economy, Prof. Congdon explained that significant growth in Chinese exports and imports is nothing new – they have...... More





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