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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

New York/New Jersey Port Security Plan Approved

The members of the New York/New Jersey Area Maritime Security Committee were informed at their meeting on 20 May 2004 that the Port Security Plan had been considered to be the most efficient in the Atlantic Area and had been approved. The Area Maritime Security Committee, which assisted the USCG in developing the Security Plan, comprises a number of Federal and State Agencies, industry representatives, and port authorities. INTERTANKO is on of the two representatives of foreign flag ships.

The Maritime Security Area controlled by NY/NJ COPT includes 190 port facilities. Out of these 152 need to have a Facility Security Plan (FPS) and 29 will need to have an Alternative Security Plan (ASP - a "light" version of the FSP). Out of the 152 which need an FPS only 6 have completed the task, 28 are in "stage 3" (final revision) and 118 are being reviewed at the moment. However, the estimates are that all these facilities will have a certified FPS before 1 July 2004.

The NY/NJ COPT carried out a "drill" by performing a PSC on 29 foreign flag vessels calling at their ports which already had an ISPS Code Certification. ALL 29 ships passed the PSC inspection without any deficiency!!!

The PSC performed on the ISPS Code by the US will include an onboard inspection even if there are no clear grounds to warrant such a detailed inspection.


Finally, members should be aware that next week it will be the Fleet Week in New York and there will be restrictions on traffic. More details can be found at

We would advise members to check the security level at US ports prior to 4 July 2004. Last year, the level was MARSEC 2 and it would be no surprise if this year it would be the same.

Note: following excellent service at USCG Activities in New York, the COPT Capt. Craig Bone will move on to Honolulu as part of the Pacific District of Command. He will leave the position in New York on 9 July 2004.

Contact: Dragos Rauta