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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Unique Company ID & registered owners identification number scheme

A proposal was made to IMO to establish a number scheme for Unique Company IDs for companies and registered owners (similar to the IMO ship identification number scheme), in collaboration with Lloyds Register- Fairplay. After due consideration by MSC three options were suggested.

  1. To adopt the MSC resolution without reference to Lloyds Register Fairplay
  2. To consider and compare other ways of managing the system
  3. To establish an informal group to address the following concerns:

a) SOLAS contracting governments retain the right to assign the management of the system to another organization
b) Parties have the right to charge for the information forwarded to the managing organization
c) Parties shall not be liable for mistakes or errors

MSC therefore agreed to request an informal group to consider the issues and advise the Committee as appropriate.

Contact: Howard Snaith