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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Extensive Executive Committee discussion of key issues

INTERTANKO’s Executive Committee met this week in London for its second meeting of 2004. Chaired by INTERTANKO Chairman Stephen Van Dyck, the  Executive Committee took two days to allow extensive discussion of key aspects of INTERTANKO’s work programme, including possible revisions of the oil spill compensation regime, the new IACS technical provisions for tankers, and the image of the industry as a whole.

It noted developments on the International Oil Spill Compensation regime issue since its last meeting and gave guidance which will ensure INTERTANKO’s continued focus on protecting ship owners’ legal liability limits.

A report from the Association’s European Reference Group (ERG), given by its Chairman, Patrick Decavele, included a road map for INTERTANKO’s action in Brussels between now and the autumn. Given the significant changes arising out of Europe’s enlargement process and recent European elections, and given the significance of the sulphur in fuel Directive, and the criminal, penal and liability proposals, this period will require continuing focus from INTERTANKO’s ERG and the Secretariat.

Noting the recent passing of the deadline for the implementation of the ISPS Code (1 July), the Executive Committee agreed that INTERTANKO’s members, as well as the majority of the shipping industry, had been successful in ensuring that the deadline was met and that the entry into force of the ISPS Code was smooth and relatively trouble-free in the key areas. However, the Executive Committee expressed its disappointment that a similar level of effort hadn’t been demonstrated by ports and terminals, with a number of key facilities still being non-compliant.

Within the reports from the Committees, the Executive Committee also noted and supported the activity of INTERTANKO’s Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC), as presented by its Chairman, Dean Tseretopoulos, including its efforts on the new IACS technical provisions for tankers. Stefano Rosina gave an extensive report from the Communications and Public Relations Committee (CPR) which initiated an in-depth discussion on further progressing the current drive towards an improved image for the tanker industry.

The Executive Committee was also informed about the work of the recently established Governance Working Group. Led by Van Dyck, the group has begun its work in assessing and analysing the working methods of INTERTANKO’s various Committee’s and Panels, together with that of the Executive Committee and Council, in terms of the structure of meetings, issue management and policy decisions.

Contact: Tim Wilkins