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Monday, October 22, 2018

USCG update – ISPS/MTSA 3.25% control measures for non-compliant ships

The U.S. Coast Guard issued a Press Release updating its enforcement of the ISPS Code and the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA). Through Monday, July 5, a total of 1,506 foreign vessels arrived at U.S. ports. In fact more than half of these (842) had already been inspected and approved prior to July 1. Of the rest, 536 were inspected in port and 20 were inspected at sea. 19 were denied entry and 30 were detained in port. In other words, control measures were exercised against 3.25% of the foreign vessels calling at U.S. ports since the ISPS Code came into effect. Domestically, 36 U.S. vessels and 20 U.S. port facilities have had their operations restricted under the MTSA.

INTERTANKO is checking to identify the non-compliant port facilities, although we understand that for security reasons this information may not be publicly available. We are led to believe that these facilities are small units rather than major terminals.

According to a number of sources, five terminals were suspended in Puerto Rico. One in St Thomas was suspended but has since been reinstated. Bumble Bee International Bulk Petroleum Terminal in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico needed significant modifications to achieve compliance and has decided that it will now only accept vessels under 200 gt. Florida’s LaCruz Casine terminal in Mayport and the Bernuth Marine Shipping Terminal in Miami have been closed. The Petroleum Fuel Terminal in Jacksonville is now open again but is subject to strict coast guard rules. The Enterprise Tebone Fractionalization Plant and the El Paso Fuel Services Terminals, both lpg and gasoline facilities in Louisiana, have been closed. You should verify this information independently before taking any action.

INTERTANKO recognises the value of securing the names of non-compliant port facilities and will post such information on the INTERTANKO web as soon as released. INTERTANKO has to date not been advised of any member affected by denial of entry or detention. We again wish to draw our members' attention to the Joint Industry Feedback Form on Maritime Security.