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Friday, September 21, 2018


The high volume of ship sale & purchase deals over the last twelve months seems to have left the industry floundering – at least statistically.

A recent enquiry came into us from Germany’s Dr Peters as to why it is not being included in listings of the Top 20 largest tanker owners. The reason is basically that it has been growing so fast over recent years that it seems to have left the industry’s number crunchers standing in a cloud of spray.

Statistics available at the turn of the year from a number of industry sources showed just 13 tankers of 2.6m dwt owned by Dr Peters – insufficient to qualify for the Top 20 listings that have been circulating this year.  In fact, already at the end of last year, its tanker fleet was 28 ships of 4.98m dwt. That is sufficient to put it half way up the Top 20 listings at number 10 in deadweight terms.

Today it owns a fleet of 28 tankers totalling 5.2m dwt consisting of 12 VLCCs, 3 suezmaxes, 6 aframaxes, 2 panamaxes and 5 product tankers. But the latest industry statistics (no names mentioned) were still as of June 30th showing Dr Peters with only 17 ships of 3.2m dwt – better than January’s efforts but still placing it only about number 18.

It will be fascinating to see the revised Top 20 listings when the dust from the current period of numerous sales and consolidations has settled.