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Thursday, October 18, 2018


15 to 16 September, International Maritime Purchasing Association (IMPA) Conference, London

Dr. Peter M. Swift will be speaking at this year’s IMPA Conference alongside Christopher Chope, UK Shadow Minister for Environment and Transport. The event will take place at KensingtonTown Hall, London, and will focus on the interplay between buyers and sellers in the maritime industry and the way in which this relationship may move from the more traditional combative relationship to one involving greater co-operation and understanding between the purchaser and supplier.

Further information can be found at the IMPA website.

5-6 October INTERTANKO/Mare Forum Seminar on Maritime Transportation of Energy from Russia and Central Asia, St. Petersburg

With the development of extensive energy sources in the Russian Federation and Central Asia, the whole global energy balance, long aligned to the dominance of the Middle East, is subtly changing.

Mare Forum 2004 will be an opportunity to consider the commercial, financial and technical aspects of this contemporary energy challenge. It will endeavour to assess the reality of the energy prospects, the geo-political ramifications of this potential tilt in the energy axis and the investment opportunities thus produced.

It will consider the technical problems arising from the need to exploit energy resources in extreme climates, the need to develop robust and safe ships and other delivery systems, and the importance of protecting fragile natural environments in both the energy producing areas, and those en route to the importing countries.

More information is available here
Or from
Anders Baardvik

26-28 October Executive Committee and Council Meetings, Amsterdam

INTERTANKO’s Executive Committee and Council meetings will be held 26-28 October 2004 at Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. Agendas and a detailed programme will be circulated shortly.

The meetings will be held in conjunction with the Mare Forum Ship Finance 2004 “A Tango for Two” on Friday 29 October 2004. All INTERTANKO Council members will receive a complimentary invitation to attend the conference. Visit the Mare Forum web site for further details at

Contact:Anders Baardvik

11 November CTC meeting, Singapore

The next meeting of the Chemical Tanker Committee will take place in Singapore on 11 November, from 0930 to 1600 and including lunch. More details on the venue will follow.