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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

London Lunchtime Forum views the issues of the day

The first of a new series of bi-monthly gatherings for London/UK-based members was held on 2 September 2004 in the INTERTANKO London office.

Peter Swift gave a general presentation outlining the principal issues in INTERTANKO’s work programme and the emerging topics of importance to tanker owners. The common rules for tankers, the interface between shipyard, shipowner and Class, and the lack of standardisation (particularly on ship spare parts, equipment and manuals), sparked particular interest from the members present. (Dr Swift’s presentation can be downloaded from here).

Roger Holt and Peter Swift both emphasised that many of the issues facing INTERCARGO and INTERTANKO are almost identical. While of course there are cargo- and ship-type specific issues which remain separate, the increasing number of common issues bolster the whole concept of a Joint INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO Secretariat.

Holt stressed how the IMO had come to a different conclusion in the double skin debate for bulkers - i.e. unlike the tanker industry the dry bulk carrier industry does not have a single skin phase-out programme, with single skin and double skin designs able to co-exist. The point was made that this has immediately raised problems with the Joint Bulker project, and that there are considerable technical differences between the Joint Tanker Project and the Joint Bulker Project. There needs to be a high degree of harmony between the two projects for the Common Structural Rules to be effective.

Members welcomed the initial meeting, which gave them a general overview of the various key issues, but suggested that future meetings should be issue-specific.  It was proposed that the Secretariat circulate meeting notes prior to these meetings, allowing member companies to prepare their input in advance. One member commented that he found the exchange of views and experiences most useful in these gatherings.

Contact: Minerva Alfonso