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Friday, September 21, 2018

INTERTANKO supports Common Rules, but quality and common adoption more important than speed.

INTERTANKO MD Dr Peter Swift delivered a message at the Russian Maritime Register for Shipping’s seminar in St Petersburg declaring firm support for the Common Structural Rules for Tankers developed by the Joint Tanker Project - support given on the basis that the new rules are introduced as quickly as possible and applied to all, with no exceptions. “However neither quality nor common adoption should be sacrificed for speed of implementation,” he added.

He said that the shipping industry needs uniformity of standards and the elimination of commercial advantage based on differing standards, not just in the classification sector, but also in the ratification of conventions, the performance of flag states and port states, as well as in the P&I insurance and other sectors.

He emphasised that the concept of goal-based standards being developed at the IMO needs a number of pre-requisites to be truly effective: international agreement on the goals; competent organisations to develop specific solutions to meet the goals; uniformity in implementation and application; effective feedback; the ability to verify the achievement of the goals.

Provided with a necessary balance between regulation and self-regulation, and given unambiguous and verifiable goal-based standards that neither set prescriptive requirements nor describe specific solutions, Swift believes the shipping industry can achieve society’s expectations.

Dr Swift’s presentation can be viewed here

While he was in St Petersburg, Swift chaired a session at the Mare Forum “From Russia with Love”, which looked at the challenges and opportunities of maritime transportation of energy from Russia and Central Asia, and spoke at the concluding session on government and industry policy making.

Contact: Peter Swift