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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

INTERTANKO’s Executive Committee meets in Amsterdam

INTERTANKO’s Executive Committee met earlier this week in Amsterdam in preparation for the Council meeting, making key proposals for the Council while also furthering discussion on the work of INTERTANKO on the image of the industry.

Under the chairmanship of INTERTANKO Chairman Stephen Van Dyck, the Executive Committee met to prepare for the Council meeting and continue its role in providing guidance and comment on the Council’s extensive agenda. This included a review of the current mandates on issues such as the oil spill liability and compensation regime and goal-based standards.

The matter of image was a recurring theme at the Executive Committee meeting. In fact this week has seen the image issue aired at the Round Table Forum in London as well as at INTERTANKO’s Council meeting in Amsterdam.

The Executive Committee received a report from the Communications and PR Committee Chairman Stefano Rosina and the Vice Chairman Dimitris Lyras on potential action by INTERTANKO on enhancing the image of the industry. Future work on this key issue will focus on awareness and education, coordinating efforts within the membership on incident response, image building, continuous improvement and demonstrable competence.

The Executive Committee nominated Michio Tamyia of Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha Ltd. as a member of the Executive Committee. This nomination was subsequently approved unanimously by the Council.

Contact: Tim Wilkins