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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

IOPC Assembly discusses possible revisions to the CLC/FC regime

At the meeting of the IOPC (International Oil Pollution Compensation) Assembly this week in the IMO HQ in London, a report was given of the 3rd Intersessional Working Group’s meetings held in February and May 2004.

The Chairman of the Working Group reported that member states remained divided on the question of whether or not to reopen the 1992 Civil Liability and Fund Conventions (CLC & FC) in order to carry out a revision. Discussions took place on the future of the Working Group and a substantial number of Member States reiterated their concerns that further revisions of the international liability and compensation scheme for oil spills were not required. A smaller number of States took the opposite view while some were undecided on the issue.

After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the next meeting of the Working Group in February 2005 must make final recommendations to the next meeting of the Assembly in October 2005. The Working Group must either recommend that reform is required and provide concrete proposals for this, or else conclude that the current regime should be maintained and there is no further need for the Working Group to continue.

Therefore, the February meeting of the Working Group may well be decisive on this important issue for the industry. INTERTANKO remains strongly supportive of the existing regime, which compensates the victims of oil spills effectively and has been enhanced by the increased levels of compensation available under the CLC and FC and under the Supplementary Fund which is expected to enter into force early in 2005.

Contact: Peter Swift / John Fawcett-Ellis