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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

New IT Committee Chairman / IT Questionnaire

The INTERTANKO Council has formally elected Richard Hext, CEO Marine Services Division, V. Ships, as the next IT Committee Chairman, to succeed Patrick Slesinger, Director & CIO of Wallem Services Limited.

INTERTANKO’s IT Committee’s principal aim is to provide an open forum for members to exchange information and experience in information technology (IT), thereby helping to improve their operational efficiency and enhance their safety standards.

As a first step towards this objective, an IT Questionnaire will be sent-out to all members in order for the IT Committee to gain a better understanding of the role of IT in members’ organisations and the IT issues that members face. The IT Questionnaire seeks to collate information on the various IT applications in use; to outline IT infrastructures deployed; to determine the size of members’ IT organisations and to obtain feedback on experiences of IT to date.

The Committee will also ask members to identify which IT issues over the next three years they consider to be of most concern or of greatest potential value to them.

This questionnaire will assist in setting the agenda for the IT Committee for the next 12 months, and will enable the Committee to focus its resources on those issues most relevant to members.

The information received from members will be treated confidentially and will be kept by the Secretariat. A summary of the replies will be reported back to those who have completed the questionnaire.

Kindly e-mail Minerva Alfonso if you are interested in becoming a member of the IT Committee.

Contact: Minerva R. Alfonso