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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

No. 48/2004

  • 2 December, INTERTANKO Iberian Peninsular Seminar, Madrid
  • 2 December, ITOPF International Seminar on Oil Spill Preparedness, Response and Compensation in association with INTERTANKO, Madrid
  • 7 December, Chemical Tanker SubCommittee (Americas), Houston
  • 13 December, Round Table Christmas buffet lunch, London
  • 14 December, IACS Council and Round Table joint meeting, London
  • 20 April 2005, Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, London
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  • Bunker Alert - Polystyrene contamination in the ports of Zeebrugge, Flushing, Antwerp and Ghent
  • Bunker Quality Report of 25 November 2004
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    Coghlin spells out challenges to squeeze out substandard shipping

    'Tightening the screw on substandard shipping' was the title of the Donald O’May memorial lecture delivered to an illustrious audience of shipping and insurance specialists by Terence Coghlin last week in London . ( Click here to download a copy of the presentation.) In his talk Coghlin, the former chairman of the Thomas Miller group, and of the International Group of P&I Clubs, expanded on the...... More


    Implementation of Singapore Code of Practice for bunkering CP 60 : 2004

    On 17 November 2004 the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) issued Port Marine Circular No. 24 of 2004 advising that the revised CP 60 (Singapore Standard for Bunkering) bunkering requirements would be implemented on 19 May 2005 . The revision of CP 60 has been extensive, with INTERTANKO having participated in the Technical Committee convened by the Singapore Standards Authority...... More


    Mediterranean Reception Facility Seminar

    A three-day seminar on the current state of Mediterranean port reception facilities took place in Malta this week, providing a forum during which were revealed the results of a three-year study on the availability of such facilities in the region. The seminar, organised by the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC), represented the final stage of...... More


    Goal Based Standards discussion at Russian Seminar – a pre-cursor for the IMO’s debate at MSC?

    Further to our article in Weekly NEWS 41 dated 8 October 2004 the Russian Maritime Register for Shipping has published the presentations made at its October seminar in St Petersburg . The meeting on Goal Based Standards has been recognised as being a significant pre-cursor to the discussions that will take place at the IMO Maritime Safety Committee, which meets next week in London . The...... More


    Vetting from the viewpoint of owner, charterer and port discussed at the Singapore Vetting Seminar

    INTERTANKO held a successful Vetting Seminar in Singapore on the 16 November 2004 , at which the following presentations were given. The INTERTANKO Terminal Vetting Database, presented by Capt John Hill of Heidenreich Marine Inc. and chairman of the TVD Working Group. Click here to view We were very pleased to welcome Enys Dan, Director of Marine Assurance for BP Shipping and Tim Ashby, Regiona...... More


    Chemical Tanker Committee urges its members to submit information to ITOPF

    The Chemical Tanker Committee extends its sincere thanks to the International Tanker Operators Pollution Federation Ltd . (ITOPF) and Mr. Stéphane Grenon for agreeing to attend the meeting of the Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC) on 11 November 2004 and for the latter’s excellent presentation on the OPRC-HNS Protocol (click here to view), circulated in Weekly NEWS No. 46 of 12 November 2004 . The...... More


    CAS for single hulls with heavy grades of crude oil applies to vessels over 15 years

    When the following article appeared in Weekly NEWS No. 42 of 15 October 2004 an incorrect figure of 940 was included, for which we apologise. This should have read: “between 900 and 944.9 kg/ m 3”. as follows: MARPOL Regulation 13H is intended to prohibit the transportation of heavy grade oils (HGO) in single hull tankers. However, this regulation has provisions under which some single hull...... More



    Four serious accidents in 12 years and still carrying cargo for household names in craft over 20 years old? Surely not!... More


    Net inter-regional oil trade to double by 2030, with growth spearheaded by Middle East/Asia, forecasts IEA

    According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) World Energy Outlook 2004, which contains projections up to 2030, inter-regional oil trade is due for a sharp increase. As reported in Weekly NEWS No. 45 of 5 November 2004 , the reference scenario for oil demand development (1.6% a year global primary oil demand growth from 77 mbd in 2002 to 121 mbd in 2030) is based on the following. Global...... More







    3 easy ways to order: Download an order form and fax to our Oslo office on +47 22 12 26 41 Send your order by e-mail Order directly from our online bookshop NEW! PUBLISHED IN SEPTEMBER! Tanker Bills of Lading – A Practical Guide This publication is complementary to the successful INTERTANKO publication ‘A Guide to Tanker Charters’. The new Guide: Describes both law and practice regarding tanker...... More



    Lloyd’s List, 23 November 2004 – A polite society ... More