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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Costs bench marking

The INTERTANKO office has been encouraged by members to set up a bench marking project. We therefore invite members to join this project.

The project will be based on a pool concept where only the contributors will receive reports. The information provided to the INTERTANKO office will be treated in confidence and only aggregate reports, tables and graphs will be published in the report to the members.

Initially the intention is that the INTERTANKO office will create statistics based on costs reports from the members, which will regularly be provided to the members of the pool. A table will be made for filling in the costs. Later the intention is to make the benchmarking statistics available on the web to the members of the pool.

The main cost categories proposed are:

Refit/Surveyexpenses in connection with docking the vessel

Extraordinary maintenance done on vessels that are under shore control rather than the Master's control, e.g. fleet-wide equipment replacement.

All spare parts bought for deck, engine and cargo system repair carried out by vessel's crew plus any handling/transportation expenses.

Other expenses for repair work (voyage/damage repairs) done by third parties including material purchased for this work. Deductibles from Hull & Machinery claims.

Personnelexpenses paid to manning companies including wages, travelling expenses, medical costs, training costs and administration expenses.

Employment subsidies received.

Consumed provisions on board each vessel.

Insurance: Hull & Machinery, P&I, War Risk and additional oil pollution insurance.

Expenses in connection with office administration, e.g. wages, travel expenses, office rental, telecoms, etc..

Stores consumed on vessels in normal working conditions e.g. chemicals, paint, electrical material, batteries, paper, fresh water.

Lubricants as they are consumed.

Sundries associated with superintendents’ costs, radio & navigational calls, radio & navigational rental/maintenance, survey fees, registration and tonnage fees, ship safety, ship owners’ association calls, shipboard computing, owners’ port charges, agents’ amenities & disbursements, masters’ expenses, sundry expenses and miscellaneous stores.

Spread docking costs such as refit/survey costs; extraordinary maintenance; spares; and other repairs.

If you are interested in joining the pool and have not yet expressed an interest, please contact: Erik Ranheim