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Wednesday, September 26, 2018 service - an Internet-based tanker questionnaire generator

Members are reminded of the additional service provided by INTERTANKO in conjunction with As previously advised, the vessel questionnaire service is integrated into INTERTANKO's range of services to members and will be available to all INTERTANKO members and associate members at a 10% discount on the standard price of the services provided by, with a 50% discount on the set-up fee when signing up for the service.

Existing customers of will continue to have the services provided according to their contracts until expiry of existing contracts. They will then be entitled to a 10% discount on standard fees. is primarily an internet-based tanker questionnaire generator. Creating vessel questionnaires is a daunting task that has to be completed quickly and accurately in the variety of constantly changing formats required by charterers and oil terminals in order to conclude a tanker fixture. Many parties need access to the details in order to ensure that ship specifications meet the requirements of the trade as well as the vetting criteria of the charterer, supplier and receiver. Until now, this process has been time-consuming and inaccurate. allows tanker owners/managers to quickly and accurately fill in and distribute oil company and terminal questionnaires on-line. The information on a particular tanker is only entered once and is then re-used to generate over 325 different questionnaires. features include tracking of oil company approvals, weekly notification of expired approvals and certificates, monthly notification of new questionnaires. There are currently 325 questionnaires available, which are being used by over 165 tanker owners having an aggregate fleet of over 2,100 vessels.

The web site can be accessed for further information.

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