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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Members invited to join in cost benchmarking project

In our first Weekly NEWS this year we announced that INTERTANKO has been encouraged by members to set up a benchmarking project. We have already received some support and invite more members to join this project.  

The project will be based on a pool concept where only the contributors will receive reports. The information provided to the INTERTANKO office will be treated in confidence and only aggregate reports, tables and graphs will be published in the report to the members. 

Initially the intention is that INTERTANKO will create statistics based on cost reports from the members, which will regularly be circulated to pool members. A table will be made for recording the costs. Later the intention is to make the benchmarking statistics available on the web to members of the pool. 

We plan to start up at the beginning of February. The first couple of months will be a pilot project, to which members will be invited to propose adjustments. 

The main cost categories proposed can be seen in our article in Weekly NEWS No 1 of 7 January 2005. 

Contact: Erik Ranheim