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Monday, August 20, 2018

No. 11/2005

  • 21 March 2005 - North American Panel meeting, Stamford, CT, U.S.
  • 7 April 2005 - Vetting half-day seminar, Athens
  • 8 April 2005 - Vetting Committee meeting, Athens
  • 9-10 April 2005 – Executive Committee meeting, Athens
  • 11-12 April 2005 – Council meeting, Athens
  • 10-13 April 2005 - Athens Tanker Event 2005
  • 10 April 2005 – Associate Members Committee meeting, Athens
  • 10 April 2005 - Communications and PR Committee meeting, Athens
  • 13 April 2005 - Documentary Committee meeting, Athens
  • 14 April 2005 – Environmental Committee meeting, Athens
  • 14 April 2005 - International Chartering Forum, Athens
  • 20 April 2005 – Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, London
  • 28 April 2005 – Offshore Tanker Committee meeting, Oslo
  • 20 May 2005 – Worldscale Committee meeting, London
  • ... More
  • A Guide to Bunkering of Ships for the purposes of Annex VI to MARPOL
  • A Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book - Part 1 (Machinery Space Operation)
  • A Guide to Crude Oil Washing and Cargo Heating Criteria
  • A Guide to the Vetting Process, 5th edition
  • Tanker Specification Awareness Guide
  • A Guide to Tanker Charters (2001)
  • ... More




    Oil companies, regulators, brokers, analysts, lawyers will come to Athens to speak to INTERTANKO’s assembled throng

    A broad and varied range of speakers will be assembled to address INTERTANKO’s members, associate members and guests who will be gathered in Athens 10-13 April.   From the oil companies – David Cotterell from Shell; Ian Hunter from ExxonMobil; Simon Lisieki from BP; Bertrand Thouilin from TotalFinaElf.   From the regulators - Andreas Chrysostomou, Chairman of the IMO’s Marine Environment...... More


    INTERTANKO addresses maritime safety at Baltic region conference in Brussels

    INTERTANKO’s Managing Director Peter Swift addressed a maritime safety conference this week in Brussels . The conference, entitled “Erika, Prestige, Baltic Carrier – Is maritime safety under control? The example of the Baltic Sea Region”, was organised by the three northern German Länder with the support of the Committee of the Regions (an advisory body to the European Union) and various...... More


    Register your Questionnaire 88 and CAS information before 5 April 2005

    It is very important to note that from the 5 April 2005 certain oil tankers will be required to comply with the Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS) survey requirements and that the first CAS survey shall be carried out concurrent with the first intermediate or renewal survey after 5 April 2005, or after the date on which the ship reaches 15 years of age, whichever occurs later.    At the recent...... More


    IMO – Certificates and documents to be carried on ships

    The IMO has issued a circular MSC Circ. 1151 updating the list of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships. The list is 17 pages long and includes 70 different items.    Contact : Howard Snaith ... More


    IMO – Implementation of Regulations 13G and 13H by Hong Kong, China

    The IMO issued a circular MEPC Circ. 431 forwarding a communication received from the Administration of Hong Kong, China with regard to its implementation of revised Regulation 13G and new Regulation 13H of MARPOL Annex I. Readers should verify what Hong Kong, China  has said for themselves, but our understanding of the essential part of whether Hong Kong, China  will, as a flag state, allow...... More


    Hong Kong – Tanker arrival notice

    The Hong Kong Marine Department has issued Notice No. 37 of 2005 stating that, effective 5 April 2005, all oil tankers calling Hong Kong will be required to provide additional information so as to allow the agency to ensure compliance with revised Regulation 13G and new Regulation 13H of MARPOL Annex I. Contacts: Dragos Rauta ; Joe Angelo ... More


    Singapore – Phasing out of single hulled oil tankers

    The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) has issued a Circular Shipping Circular No. 12 of 2005 stating that Singapore has adopted regulations for implementation and enforcement of revised Regulation 13G and new Regulation 13H of MARPOL Annex I.   Contacts: Dragos Rauta ; Joe Angelo ... More


    Continuous improvement in the tanker industry

    Continuous improvement is the main theme running through INTERTANKO’s Annual Review and Report for 2004, which is published this week on our website      Continuous improvement in operation - continuous improvement in construction and maintenance - continuous improvement in relationships with the world at large.   The Association’s Chairman and Managing Director reiterate a clear vision for a...... More


    Latest issue of CHIRP Maritime Feedback

    Click here for the latest issue of “CHIRP Maritime Feedback” – A Maritime Safety Newsletter. ... More


    Failing to plan, is planning to fail – just published INTERTANKO’s Guiding Principles to Emergency Management and Crisis Communications

    INTERTANKO believes that it is essential that the industry responds quickly and effectively to an industry incident, not only to minimise the risk to human life and damage to the environment, but also to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect the industry’s public image.    INTERTANKO’s ‘Guiding Principles to Emergency Management and Crisis Communications’ has been produced to hel...... More



    Tanker industry forecasts a mixed bag!... More


    Fearnleys Review –2004, a fantastic year for shipping

    We have now received the Fearnleys Review for 2004 published February 2005. This comprehensive and useful 92-page publication reviews the shipping markets and seaborne trade for tanker, gas carrier and drybulk markets. The following is a brief summary of the tanker market information.   As has been reviewed and commented upon in the shipping and even the financial press lately, 2004 was an...... More







    Lloyd’s List, 15 March 2005 – Conference aims to solve problems Lloyd’s List, 16 March 2005 – Communication vital in emergency response Lloyd’s List, 16 March 2005 – When the sky falls in ... More